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Snoring Soundly Before You Know It Zzzzzz

                              A Good Nights Sleep. Here’s your personal arsenal. Sleep Mask Young Living Lavender Essential Oil Sleepessence by Young Living Young Living Stress Away Young Living … Continue reading

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Useful Essential Oils To Take With You When Staying in a Hotel & Other Tips To Make Your Hotel Stay Safe

We’ve all seen it, where they use the black light to show the germs left behind even after the cleaning crew has cleaned the hotel room. Yet, we have to stay somewhere, and it’s better than Tent Camping (for most … Continue reading

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Vodka as an Emergency Supply?

I was reading in Outdoor Magazine Decembers edition and one of the articles I got a good kick out of and actually agreed with them was using Vodka (80% proof) as an Emergency supply. At first, I thought the article … Continue reading

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Starting In Young Living As A Business VS Starting Your Own Business

I’ve had the fortune to be a Paperboy, an Employee, a Business owner, and a professional Network Marketer. When I was a kid I had the entrepreneur gene already. My dad, I seen started out in life picking cotton and … Continue reading

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What To Do About Dry Skin

If you’re anything like me during the winter months is when I notice dry and itchy skin. I’ll list a few tips here to help with the solution: Fighting dry, itch red skin doesn’t end with moisturizer. According to Dermatologist … Continue reading

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The Power Of Nuts (Not the Human Kind)

Nuts make a great snack and now there are even more reasons to eat nuts. A new study found that just 1 ounce of nuts almost every day- either tree nuts or peanuts-can significantly lowers your risk of death from … Continue reading

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