Barefooten Into Chemicals And Not Even Knowing it?

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Did you know that anything that absorbs into your skin is within your bloodstream in 26 seconds? Crazy to ponder huh?

Let me ask you something: Do you walk around barefoot in your house? Do your kids? Do you have indoor animals?

What are you cleaning your floors with right now? Is it something that says “Do Not Ingest” on the side of the bottle?

Because , in a very real sense, you are.

The bottom of your feet have the biggest pores and the largest amount of pores on your body so you’re soaking that stuff up into your body all day long. And of course your kids and pets are too.

Would you rather use something to clean your floors that you could ingest? Not that you would, but if you did it wouldn’t hurt you?

I know what you’re thinking…”I’d love to use a non-toxic cleaner but who can afford $4 to $7 a bottle? Not me…”

What if I could show you what I use on my floors that smells amazing, is completely non-toxic and costs less than a dollar per spray bottle?  Not only can you use it on your floor, but you can also use it on your kitchen counters, windows, mirrors, walls and even to clean your entire bathroom?

I can show you and will show you, because my family and I use it everyday throughout the house. It feels good saving money and knowing that the Thieves Household Cleaner is all natural and safe to be used around yourself and your family.

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