A Job Sitting All Day Can Cause Health Issues-What To Do

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The Problem: A lot of us including myself sit the majority of the day to get our work done. Sitting negatively impacts our metabolism, causing our triglycerides to rise and our good HDL cholesterol to lower.  A 2018 study found subjects risk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality was four times higher if they spent more than six to eight hours a day seated compared with those who sat less.

What to do about it:

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Get moving. Stand up while talking on the phone as much as possible and do some steps.

Park further away from the office making your walk longer.

Use your breaks to not only hit the restroom but to get some walking in too. (More than just from your seat to the restroom is the idea).

If your work provides a gym, take advantage of it. Figure out the best time that works for you to use the gym. Before, after, in between your work schedule.

Don’t binge watch TV programs.

Use your day offs to get some type of fun physical activity in.

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