All Natural Coffee substitute!

All Natural Coffee substitute!

I myself don’t like drinking hot coffee, but I do love a Frappe! FrappeTo be specific a Medium Moca Frappe from McDonalds. I know, I know. It has some ingredients in it that are not good for me. It really is, or should I now say WAS, one of my exceptions of drinking something that wasn’t good for me. Not only that but check this out:

Medium-size Frappe (a cup that contains 16 fl. oz): 560 calories (the base calories equal 460; a topping of whipped cream and chocolate drizzle brings the total calorie count to 560).

Did you read that!? 560 calories!! Geez, no wonder I’m gaining WEIGHT! I’d have one of these about three times a week! It made me awake, feeling good; so I justified the bad ingredients and even the calories. After all, I needed to wake up and get some energy going I told myself…I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you can relate to this, right?

Ningxia NitroI am happy to report, that I tried a newer product by Young Living that works so good, but…not at first. Let me explain:
It’s called Ningxia Nitro. It comes in these little tubes that you can squirt them into your favorite juice drink or take it straight from the tube if you like.
Anyhow, when I got my delivery of Ningxia Nitro I read the simple instructions on the box, and it suggested that I consume NingXia Nitro directly from the tube or mix with 2-4 oz of NingXia Red or 4 oz water anytime I need a pick-me-up.

Well, how exciting! I squirt one into my 3oz of Pom juice with one ounce of NingXia red and…no wham bam for me at all, at anytime! Darn!
The next day, I tried it again; and nothing!

So the third day, I decided to try two tubes mixed in with my Pom juice and NingXia. Within fifteen minutes I could feel the difference in my energy level. Not quote as fast as a Mocha Frappe, but not bad either! I figured because of the size of my body (250 pounds currently) that it took two to make a difference. When you decide to try it, you might want to start out with just one tube first and see.
Now get this great news. Calories per tube? 20. So 40 calories from it total! That’s a whopping 520 calorie difference!

Let’s talk about price too, because that can matter. A Frappe from McD’s costs me $2.96 to $3.07 depending on what town or city I buy it from.
A tube of Ningxia works out to $2.76 a tube. I take two at a time so that’s a total of $5.52. (my wholesale price, which I can show you how to get too). A $2.55 difference between a Frappe from McD’s. If I were to buy a Mocca Frappe from Star Bucks or Joe Mugs it would cost me around the same. So, not a bad deal, considering a whole lot less calories and no harmful ingredients either!

16 oz. Frappe Mocha w/whip (Mocha Frappuccino). NingXia Nitro per tube/0.68 fl oz.  

Prices can vary by location

stats of drinks





Note: NingXia Nitro per tube/0.68 fl oz caffeine is naturally occurring.


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May your days be filled with go/od health, good friends, good food, and most of all; much love,

Dexter D Black

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