Are You Eating MSG Again!?

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*MSG (monosodium glutamate) is in a lot of products you might already be eating and enjoying. You say, “So what, what’s the big deal?” Well my friend, that’s what this site is all about, explaining to you the dangers of certain products we are using that will do anything but give us a life of vitality!

There’s been a lot of articles done on the dangers of MSG so I’d like to share two of them here and then after reading these articles, I will list some of the products that have MSG in them that you may not be aware of.

MSG is Dangerous — The Science Is In

MSG Names in other Countries:

In Japan, MSG is labeled as 味の素 or Ajinomoto
In China, MSG = wie jing
In the Phillipines,  MSG = Vetsin
In Thailand, MSG =
phong churot
In Germany, MSG =
In Europe – MSG = E621,  but avoid E620-625  as they also contain glutamate
In the US – “umami”, MSG, glutamate, free glutamic acid

Foods That Contain MSG Might Surprise You:

Includes Doritos and Pringles.

Flavored Pringles have also been named as one of the products that have MSG but is only present in BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, and Pizza. Salt and Vinegar is exempted in the said findings.

Campbell’s chicken noodle soup even if it says 25% less Salt. However, it has also been found out that mostly condensed soups such as Cream of Mushroom and Vegetable Beef has MSG as one of its ingredients.

Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

Ken’s Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch dressing also contains MSG

There and MANY other products have MSG or hidden MSG in them. Be aware and read the ingredients before buying your groceries.


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