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I suggest you do a patch test when using an essential oil for the first time in case of skin sensitivity or irritation. When using essential oils topically, depending on the oil and what I use it for, I massage it on the feet, big toes, wrists, back of the neck, brain stem, ears, crown of the head, spine, chest, tummy, over the liver or any area of the body where I feel it would most benefit. I usually apply the oils using a layering technique.

“When we layer essential oils, we apply one oil at a time, waiting 1-2 minutes between application of each oil. Some oils will absorb within 15-30 seconds, and any oil will absorb within 2 minutes. The order of the oils and the ratio of drops of each is totally inconsequential. That is why I say that even children can safely apply the oils themselves with supervision.” ~ Frances Fuller


Note: The Name AromaEase is the same as Aroma Life



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