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Crap Food vs Good Food/Crap Oils vs Good Oils

Guess which is cheaper to buy? Crap food or good food? Crap Essential oils or good essential oils? You got it, the crap is always cheaper. Why? Because it’s easier to obtain and make crap than what is good. Here’s … Continue reading

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Do Mosquitoes Love You?

Mosquitoes find us by scent. If you can disrupt that, you have a better chance of not being bitten. If you have a patio area, you can plant around your patio plants that have strong fragrances such as lavender, rosemary, … Continue reading

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Feeling Angry Often?

85% of people feel angry a few times a week. There are lots of possible causes and what we can do about it is what I want to help with. So let’s go over a few: One of the main … Continue reading

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A Simple Thing Such As Sleep Adds Quality To Your Life

Just 2.2% of adolescents meet or exceed the recommended amount of sleep for their age (An average of 9 hours per day for kids 11 to 13 years old and 8 hours for kids 14 to 17 years old). The … Continue reading

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How To Handle Acid Reflux

I currently from time to get acid reflux. That is when your stomach acids come up into your throat and possibly even into your mouth causing you to choke. I’ve woken up a few times chocking and it’s a bit … Continue reading

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A Reminder About Citrus Essential Oils & The Sun

Some of my favorite essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils is the Citrus line such as Orange, Lime, and Lemon. During the sunny months of Spring, Summer, and perhaps Fall depending where you live, you’ll want to be careful … Continue reading

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Do All Natural Deodorants Stink?

I have to say I’ve smelled some pretty bad ones, and even the one that I made homemade…well it could smell much better. But the answer is no, not all natural deodorants stink. First before I tell you my favorite … Continue reading

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How To Detox Your Skin

Skin sensitivity (the kind that you do to yourself) can be a factor if you are using say ten products and each product has at least ten ingredients in them. That’s a lot of ingredients you are coming into contact … Continue reading

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Just One Soda A Day Won’t Hurt, Right? Wrong. Here’s Why:

Soda tastes good, but we all know it’s not good for us. Why? Find out more here: Continue reading

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Making Your Home Safer

If you’re anything like me, you care about the safety of your family. The first thing we think of for safety is good locks on the doors and windows, and maybe a security system even. It’s not a bad place … Continue reading

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