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Mushrooms May Help Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

Results from a large, long-term cohort study of more than 36,000 Japanese men suggested an association between eating mushrooms and a lower risk of prostate cancer. Publishing source: International Journal of Cancer. Mushrooms are widely used in Asia, both for … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz talks about the Corona Virus

Concerning the Corona Virus: “What you want to do is enhance the body’s immune response. There are no quick cures. “ -Dr. Mehmet Oz So according to well know Dr. Oz “What you want to do is enhance the … Continue reading

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Reasons to Exercise According to Gods Word

When we are Christians living for God, we want to glorify Him in all we do, including taking care of the Holy Temple (our body that the Holy Spirit resides in). Here are 4 helpful reasons to exercise according to … Continue reading

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I Started Sneezing My Head off…a sure sign. Here’s what I did

It’s that time a year, especially it seems for me a cycle where my body likes to go down hill so to speak around the January/February months. Last night for no reason I started sneezing over and over. After a … Continue reading

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Breakfast of Champs?

Jeff Baltimore a Doctor from Maryland has put together an interesting healthy? breakfast: Old fashioned oatmeal low sugar whey protein powder beet powder baobab powder matcha powder maca powder psyllium husks pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg) turmeric powder … Continue reading

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Almonds May Help Reduce Wrinkles in Postmenopausal Women

A pilot study by the University of California published in Phytotherapy Research found that a daily snack of almonds in place of other nut-free snacks improved measures of wrinkle width and severity in postmenopausal women. (Postmenopause is formally defined as … Continue reading

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Health Plans for Early Retirees

What to do when you no longer have a job that covers your medical insurance? Where to go? Many early retirees buy a policy through their State’s health insurance exchange. See The policies can be very pricy, but insurers … Continue reading

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Flavonoids May Decrease the Risk of Cancer & Heart Disease

Participants consuming about 500 mg of total flavonoids a day had the lowest risk of cancer or heart disease death. According to research from Edith Cowan University (EDCU) published in Nature Communications consuming flavonoid-rich products like apples and tea may … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Make Your Laundry More Eco-Friendly

We don’t always give them much thought, but our washers and dryers can account for a significant part of our home’s energy and water use. The average family does as many as eight loads of laundry every week, requiring a … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Store-Bought Make-Up

I’m all for ladies using makeup if they want to. My wife happens to look great without it, but I know a lot of women feel better about themselves when they use make-up and that’s okay IF you’re not putting … Continue reading

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