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Fashion Material Terms and What They Mean

There are now different terms in buying certain types of clothes that mean different things. Such as “Fairtrade”, “Organic” and the such. If you are Earth and people conscious, or simply want to know more about what each of these … Continue reading

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Laws of Abundance Part 7 Secrets to Creativity

Have you ever said to yourself when you viewed something made that was amazing and said: “That’s amazing, I wonder how they came up with that idea?” This blog post is going to list some known and some rare ways … Continue reading

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Laws of Abundance Part 6 Cash Flow

If you are going to tap into abundance you must pay attention to cash flow. The first thing to know about cash flow is, where is your cash flowing to and the second thing is, where should it flow to? … Continue reading

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Help The World With One Small Thing At A Time

It doesn’t matter really if you believe that we are causing Climate Change or not. There are little habits that a lot of us do each day that could be tweeted in the smallest way to make a big difference … Continue reading

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Exercise-induced hormone may protect against Alzheimer’s and dementia- From New Atlas

Article from New Atlas May your days be filled with good health, good friends, good food, and most of all; much love, Dexter D Black * Disclosure Link

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Help Avoid Bacterial Growth In The Fridge

Clear out the clutter in the back of the Fridge because cold air doesn’t circulate as well in a crowded fridge and so when something gets too warm, it has the potential for bacterial growth. Also the bottom shelves and … Continue reading

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Are Plastic Straws Recyclable?

Are Plastic Straws Recyclable? [How to Properly Recycle & Dispose Plastic Straws] Read below for a tip on how to recycle your plastic straws Why are Plastic Straws bad anyway? Plastic straws become a big problem after they are thrown … Continue reading

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Plogging? What’s that? Plogging is a combo of plocka upp, which means “pick’ up” in Swedish, and jogging. It started in Scandinavia and has spread all around the world. It’s as simple as it sounds. You carry a lightweight bag, … Continue reading

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Vitamin D is U.K’s Top Single Vitamin Supplement

Britain’s favorite single letter vitamin supplement is vitamin D which has risen 7 percentage points in the last year and is now used by 33% of vitamin, mineral, and supplement (VMS). Users are up from 26% in 2017 according to … Continue reading

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Understanding Product Labels

Recently I did an online survey about different Labels such as USDA/Organic, EWG Verified, etc. and I didn’t realize that I really didn’t understand the food labels as much as I thought I had. So, here’s we are talking about … Continue reading

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