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I Can’t Touch My Toes, What Can I Do?

Everybody that can stand on two feet should be able to touch your toes. I remember there was a time I could not. Because of the type of work I do, I sit for long periods of time (not a … Continue reading

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Make This Your New Lunch

Make This Your New Lunch A daily meal-replacement shake is not utilized for weight management most of the time. Yet, it’s easy and affordable. If you work in an office, you can make it before work and take it to … Continue reading

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Introducing the “Newest Arrival” from Young Living Essential Oils: Seedlings™ Baby Care Line

Introducing the “Newest Arrival” from Young Living Essential Oils: Seedlings™ Baby Care Line Actress and Mom Ellen Pompeo Debuts Seedlings in the U.S. Just in Time for Mother’s Day–seedlings-baby-care-line-300640926.html  To get or give your own Seedlings Gift Bundle click … Continue reading

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What Song Is The Most Relaxing?

I myself like to listen to Bach when I am doing things online. I ran across an article recently that says the World’s most relaxing song is “Weightless,” which can be found on YouTube, Apple Music, or Amazon. Some type … Continue reading

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Where Are You Going?

  “A goal without action is just a dream” – Dexter D. Black To get Think and Grow Rich free online go to his blog post. When ordering essential oils or essential oil-infused products  enter in Enroller and Sponsor areas … Continue reading

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Salad Dressing Calories and Ingredients To Watch Out For

First things first. Let’s first list the ingredients that you DO NOT WANT in your salad dressing: Soy or Canola – These crops are grown using massive amounts of pesticides which can end up in your body. High-fructose corn syrup – … Continue reading

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Whole Natural Line of Products For Your Animals Wellness

Animal Scents from Young Living are designed for the safety of your pet(s) with all natural ingredients. Good for horses, dogs, and cats. Watch the video and then look below for each product from the Animal Scents Line.  Click on … Continue reading

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How To Help Your Physical Wellness Even If You Have An Office Job

Sitting for long periods of time can promote heart disease.  A 15-year study found that waistlines increased by three-quarters of an inch for each additional hour of sitting beyond five hours a day.  “Dang, no wonder I’m getting so fat” I hear you … Continue reading

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Why You Will Want To Stand On One Leg

          You can improve balance and help keep your joints healthy. Standing on one foot strengthens tendons and ligaments in your ankles, knees and even hips. Who knew that one simple thing like standing on one … Continue reading

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How To Stay Healthy And Rarely Get Sick

How To Stay Healthy And Rarely Get Sick   Cut down on the red meat. We Americans eat way too much red meat. Beleive me, I love a good steak as much as the next person.(a) Research shows that too … Continue reading

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