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Essential Oils Are NOT a Medicine So Don’t Treat Them Like They Are

Essential oils and essential oil products are not a medicine and should not be treated like they are. Essential oils and oil infused products that are offered by Young Living are not meant to-be treated to cure an ailment. In other … Continue reading

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I Know It Is Not Fair But I Have The Secret To Abundance

              While there are many factors to the abundance that I experience every month, I’m going to let you in on one of them. I cannot guarantee that this will work for you as … Continue reading

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Anti-aging Products?

DNA Repair Enzymes Call me a skeptic if you will, but I just don’t believe ads and commercials when it comes to Anti-aging skin care products. I mean, who wants to go out and buy something that isn’t going to … Continue reading

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What To Do When You Stuffed Yourself Too Full

We’ve all been there. That party, the annual fair, Thanksgiving. Yeah, all that good food and you “just couldn’t let it go to waste” right? Then it happened, you ate way too much and now you are stuffed up to … Continue reading

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Healthy Toppings for Weight Loss

If you’re anything like me, you find eating healthy things a challenge in creativity. Who wants to eat the same thing week after week after week? I sure don’t. This article below by Eat This Not That, I found helpful … Continue reading

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Heinz’s New Mayochup For French Fry Lovers. Is it any good?

I’m sharing an article I came across yesterday that Heinz has come out with a new product called Mayochup. It’s a mixture of Mayo and Ketchup. That along intrigued me since my wife and I love mixing the two together. … Continue reading

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Cool Website Tells You Exactly How to Work Any Muscle

If you ever wondered how to work out certain parts of your body, this cool website will allow you to pick the park of your body that you want to work out and then show you a video on how … Continue reading

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Want Healthy Skin? Start With Your Gut

Dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD has done research on the connection between the gut and skin microbiomes (living bacteria) and there is a connection between your diet, lifestyle and the health of your skin.  The following are some tips and products … Continue reading

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Caring For Your Baby With The Best Essential Oil Products

YL offers a variety of Essential oils and Essential Oil Products designed just for babies. 100% pure therapeutic oil guaranteed the highest quality on the market with YL’s Seed to Seal Quality Commitment Gentle Baby Essential Oil Gentle Baby™ essential oil … Continue reading

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Bad Hair? There’s Natural Help Here

Bad Hair? Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil to the rescue! All natural and you are going to love the way your hair looks and feels after using this. Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil  If you have any questions, just let me know. … Continue reading

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