Bleak Health Outcomes From Added Sugars in Infants & Toddlers

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61% of infants and almost 98% of all toddlers consumed added sugars in their average daily diets, mainly from flavored yogurts (for the infants) and fruit drinks (for the toddlers) per a study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Infants= 6-11 months

Toddlers= 12-23 months

Previous research into the diets of children, over two years old associated sugar consumptions with the developments of cavities, asthma, obesity, elevated blood pressure, and altered lipid profiles.

Health organizations in the U.S. promulgate guidelines that recommend limiting sugar intake to 9 teaspoons (tsp) or less for adult men, and 6 tsp or less for adult women and children between 2 and 19.

The top food sources of added sugars for infants included yogurt, baby snacks and sweets, and sweet bakery products. For toddlers, the top sources included fruit drinks, sweet baked products, and sugar, and candy.

Parents should be paying attention to added sugars in the foods chosen when weaning their infants.

In the U.S. the federal requirement has mandated that added sugar content of a food or beverage be listed on the Nutrition Facts labels as of January 2020. So parents read those labels, it could mean a world of difference in your children’s health.

I wrote this blog post because when I was growing up there were no Nutrition Facts labels for my mom to read when grocery shopping. I had six cavities by the time I was 8 years of age. Talk about trama in getting them taken care of at the dentist. I even had one baby tooth pulled because it was too far gone and it was a baby tooth. Apparently the dentist that pulled my tooth didn’t make sure I was numb enough, because I felt it. I mean felt it as in I screamed when he pulled it! Both of these factors lead to adulthood of hating dentists so I didn’t go to any dentists for quite a few years and becoming overweight and then obese because I was so used to eating sweets. Even today at 55 years of age, I struggle with eating healthy consistently and working hard to get to my ideal body weight. So please, parents; start your kids out on the right path to health. They will be grateful for it when they are adults.

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