Break Free From The 9 to 5 Job


Break Free From the 9 to 5 Job (Without jeopardizing your job).

I get it. You have financial commitments, and perhaps a family to support also. You can’t just quit your job and start a business out of the blue! (Unless you have a few years of income set aside to sustain you while you build a business).  That’s exactly why you should consider…no, join a Network marketing business! You can continue to work your job to provide income for your family while building your fortune for your future. (A quote from the well known Jim Rohn).

“No one ever wished at the end of their life that they would have spent more time at the office”


Time freedom is basically bought with income freedom. Network marketing through Young Living is the answer to break free from the 9 t0 5 grind!

Will it be easy? More than likely not. Will it be worth it? You tell me? Would it be worth it to spend a few extra hours a week creating time freedom so you can spend the time you want with who you want and when you want? The answer for myself is a big YES, and I believe it is for you too. That is…if you’re willing to take the first step in becoming an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, like I am.

I cannot promise you that you will get rich overnight. No, but I can promise you that it is a real opportunity. What you do with it, is what counts. Many others in Young Living have made a full time income of it, and so can you; all while keeping your job until you make at what I suggest is twice a much annually then you do now with your current employment.  (This advance I got from Randy Gage, a very successful Network Marketer and teacher of Network Marketing).

I’ll help you do part your due diligence here before joining Young Living:

Q. How long has Young Living been in business? (You want a company that has at least 5 years track record)

A. Since 1993 

Q. How much do I have to invest to get started?

A. This depends on the kit you decide to start with. Between $40-$250 (The majority of this is product).

Q. Is there an annual fee to be a distributor?

A. No

Q. What monthly investment is needed to be paid commissions and bonuses?

A. To be paid any commissions AND bonuses the minimum amount you need is 100 personal point value which is usually $100 worth of product in the Essential Oil Rewards Program per month. See Distributor Agreement for more details.

Q. How much can I make?

A. That would depend on what level you would like to reach. Here are the averages:

Q. Can I change my order each month, or am I stuck ordering the same products each month?

A. You can change your order each month using the back office Young living provides.

Q. Do I have to have home parties to be successful in the Young Living business?

A. While many have been successful in Home parties, you can choose how you share Young Living with others. Online, in person, home parties, etc.

Q. Am I required to buy products every month to be a distributor?

A. To qualify for bonuses and commissions you are required to have 100 point value per month which usually equals $100.00 per month in the Essentials Rewards program. You can skip one month in the Essential Rewards program per year without loosing your Rewards Credits that Young Living credits you to purchase products for free. To remain a distributor you are require a certain amount per year. See distributor agreement for more details. 


Escape The Rat Race- Randy Gage



May your days be filled with good health, good friends, good food, and most of all; much love,

Dexter D Black

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