Christmas…There’s Something Special in the Air about Christmas

 There’s something special in the air about Christmas. There’s a feeling to it, like no other holiday that we celebrate. Perhaps it’s the giving aspect of it. Either online or in person, searching for that special gift, to give; it’s just such fun.

Christmas brings out the kid in us. The Christmas tree, the hot chocolate, the gifts, the scents and smell of cookies baking. The anticipation of giving your gift to that special person that you care for. It’s a lot of fun and excitement.

Decorating a Christmas tree as a family is so much fun. We put on Christmas music and just have a good time putting on the decorations. We have certain ornaments that bring back memories of people who have given them to us, or places that we have visited together. During Christmas day my family and I love to read the Christmas Story out of the Bible before opening gifts and giving thanks for all the blessings that He has given us throughout the year. Being thankful for small things and things we take for granted most of the time.  Most of all for us, being thankful for God’s son Jesus Christ. It all really makes Christmas special. We keep hoping for a white Christmas. So far, we haven’t got one, but each year we are hoping we do. Maybe this year!?

Stocking stuffers are a lot of fun. We aren’t allowed to peek inside our own stocking, but we are allowed to feel it. It’s fun to guess what is inside. Our daughter is especially good at figuring out what is in her stocking by feeling it. If even she guesses right, we never admit to it. We wait for Christmas Eve to open our stockings. How about you? What are some of the traditions you have during this time of year? I’m sure they are wonderful and I’d love to know about them. Please leave me a comment or message. Who knows, you might like one of our idea’s I’ve written about here on my blog, and I might like one of your idea’s and start using it for our family too.

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas that will last way into the New Year:

Diffuse some Christmas Spirit Essential oil into the air during December or any other time of the year to bring peace and comfort into the home.

Perhaps you love the smell of a fresh pine tree, but you hate the mess; so you use an artificial tree. You can always diffuse Pine Essential oil into the air. ahhh, soooo good!

Cosmetics for the lady in your life is a nice gift. Why not make it all natural this year with Savvy Mineral collection.

For the man in your life, some good smelling natural Aftershave Lotion will make him thankful.

For a whole line of cooking essentials for that special someone that loves to cook, YL has quality pots and pans and a whole line of vitality essential oils for adding to your favorite recipes.

Cleaning up after a good meal doesn’t have to be hard when you are using YL’s Thieves Household cleaner.

Want more? Check out Young Livings 2017 Holiday Catalog right online:


From my family to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas this year and every year,


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