Crap Food vs Good Food/Crap Oils vs Good Oils

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Guess which is cheaper to buy? Crap food or good food? Crap Essential oils or good essential oils? You got it, the crap is always cheaper. Why? Because it’s easier to obtain and make crap than what is good.

Here’s an example of Salmon. We all know by now that eating Salmon is good for you because of the omega 3’s that are found in Salmon. What many people don’t realize is, that there is crap salmon and good salmon. What do I mean. I’ll show you:

Which looks healthier to you?

Salmon from a Salmon Farm
Wild Salmon

Which one look like it’s a better healthier environment to get Salmon from? Doesn’t common sense tell you the Salmon found in the river where the water is running clean? If it doesn’t it, you’re in denial because of price. Wild Caught Salmon is much healthier than farm-raised salmon that has been found to have higher levels of crap (One example would be anti-biotics are used in farmed raised salmon that is passed on to humans as we eat them. This can cause gut problems and to some allergic reactions. ((1 &2)). Also,
A pilot study published by Canadian scientists last year showed that farmed Canadian salmon contain ten times the PCBs of wild Alaskan and Canadian salmon. PCB’s are carcinogenic.



I myself would rather pay more for wild caught salmon than crap farmed raised salmon. Even from the picture above, you can see the wild caught looks so much more healthier than the farmed raised. That’s because it is. Why risk your health to the containment’s proven to be found in farm raised salmon.

Salmon is only one of the hundreds of examples, where paying less doesn’t mean a better deal. Note: Even though farm-raised salmon has been found to have higher levels of Omega 3’s, because of the crap, it’s much better to pay more and skip on the farm-raised containments that have been proven to be found in farm-raised salmon and eat healthier instead. Especially if you are eating salmon more than once a month.

What about Essential Oils? It’s the same principle. There are crap oils and then there are good oils. Crap oils are not pure, they are designed to fool you because some crap oil companies add synthesis to make it smell even better than pure oil. Because essential oils are not regulated, we have to be our own investigators. (In my opinion, the FDA does a poor job in protecting our health in what is already regulated by them and so we should be our own investigators anyhow). So, what this means is, you could buy a bottle of what you think is pure therapeutic essential oil and not even know that it’s not pure even if the bottle says it’s “pure therapeutic”. That’s really messed up, isn’t it? So, IF you are a person using essential oils more than just to make your house smell good, but to actually benefit from the use of essential oils (no matter what the method of use, inhalation, topical, or oral) then you should be doing your due diligence and not just believe what it says on a bottle, because your health matters. For example, all of us know that inhaling car exhaust is not healthy. If you have a car running in your driveway and the window open, after smelling it, you quickly close the window. Not only because it stinks but because you know it’s not healthy to breathe in. But what about other things that we inhale such as plug in’s, air freshener sprays, household cleaners, and the such? Most of us don’t give it a second thought that these too can be detrimental to our health even though we are just smelling them. The truth is, it matters what we are inhaling, what we are putting on bodies and what we are ingesting orally.

So, how do we tell a good oil from a crap oil without being a scientist? Good question, I’m glad you asked! Here are some suggestions to tell the difference:

  1. How was the Oil distilled from the plant? Was it cold pressed? Was any type of chemical used? Was it steam distilled?
  2. Where did the oil come from? Can you trace it’s origin? This one principle could reveal volumes if it’s a crap oil or a good oil. For example I was at one time in my life, curious about eggs. I discovered that free range chickens produce the healthiest eggs to eat. But there is a trick in the industry that I discovered. You read “Free range” on the carton of eggs you are about to buy in the grocery store and your imagination goes to a nice beautiful red barn farm where the chickens are outside scratching in the dirt and running around laying eggs. So I decided to look up one local “Free Range” chicken farm and see with my own eyes how they are raising their chickens. When I pulled up to the farm from the street, I didn’t see one single chicken outside. Instead they were in a building that had frosted windows with no way of seeing inside. Perhaps and I can only assume they had some sky lights where the chickens could get some sun light from time to time. This was not my idea of “free range”. Needless to say, I started buying local eggs where I knew the farmer was raising chickens that actually were outside moving around. (Disclosure: That farmer has recently stopped selling eggs and I’m currently looking for another provider). At the very least when it comes to investigating essential oils companies, can you find them online with pictures of their farms and the methods they are using to grow their crop?
  3. If the oil could be normally used orally (such as Peppermint essential oil) but the bottle you buy says “Not safe for oral use” or “Do not use orally” that would be a red flag telling you that this is a crap oil and do not trust it for any type of use (orally or otherwise).
  4. Is it mixed with another type of ingredient? This one might be harder to answer because most of us are not scientists. But has there been any type of testing done that you can find out about? Even the purest essential oils should be tested for its purity and constitutes because of environmental factors such as soil, water, the air, and even when the plant was harvested and the time frame of distillation. With plants there is a prime time of growth that a plant should be harvested to get the oils at it’s peak, providing those that use it the best essential oil they could possibly use. Certain crops you need to let dry naturally in the sun for a certain amount of days and if you wait too long they can go bad. Or if there was excesses moisture in certain crops it could be a factor in distillation, which some crops need to be distilled immediately after picking. All these are factors in providing the best of the best essential oils.
  5. Speaking of soil, was the plants grown in soil that hasn’t been raped over the years, or synthetic fertilizers used for at least the last 50 years? Is the company transparent about these factors on their website or literature or is it not gone over about at all?
  6. Is the type of oil the best type of oil to use out of it’s family? For example there are different types of Frankincense oil on the market. Which one is the best to use? You have to study to find out.

I know it’s easy and cheap to buy crap food and crap oils that are so much cheaper than the good stuff. But if you are the type of person that wants what is healthy for you, then you’ll study and find out which is the best on the market and why. Don’t just buy what’s cheap, when it can possibly compromise your health. Instead, spend the extra if need be and get what’s good for your body instead. It will be worth it in the long run.

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