Do All Natural Deodorants Stink?

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I have to say I’ve smelled some pretty bad ones, and even the one that I made homemade…well it could smell much better.

But the answer is no, not all-natural deodorants stink.

First, before I tell you my favorite natural deodorant that does not stink I want to point out that no one should be using an antiperspirant that uses aluminum compounds to plug your ducts and actually stop you from sweating. Deodorants will not stop you from sweating, but they are safer to use than antiperspirants because if God meant for you to be the tin man/woman your body would already be made of aluminum.

Now on to my favorite natural deodorant that works well and does not stink: AromaGuard Meadow Mist Deodorant by YL. It contains coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and pure essential oils such as Lemon and Lavender. I don’t have to worry about it having harmful chemicals in it. I trust YL products fully. They have won my trust over the years because of their Seed to Seal Guarantee to the highest standard of pure ingredients. This deodorant, in my opinion, is unisex, so it can be used by both a man or a woman. Try it out for yourself and let me know how you like it.

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