Does NingXia R. have Anything To Do With Ninjas?

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NingXia Red 2 Bottles It’s kind of funny, but when you aren’t used to pronouncing NingXia R, your mind wants to say Ninja Red instead. Does the two have anything to do with one another, really?

Hmmm, let’s see if they have some similarities…

Ninjas are trained assassin’s. They work in stealth mode for the most part. I would say NingXia R. can be very much like this.  Because it can build up and fortify your bodies defenses against attack from free radicals I would say it’s very much “trained”. Stealth mode for sure too! Drinking it once is ineffective. Drinking one to three ounces a day for a month, very effective. In all actuality, this drink help me beat an attacker called Spring Allergies or Hay Fever. I use to be attacked each and every spring for years. Sneezing my head off, watery eyes, runny nose. Itchy eyes. It was horrible!  After drinking NingXia R for a month, it was all over! It killed what ever free radicals were lurking causing these attacks and now I no longer suffer from hay fever. 100% GONE!!*

All kidding aside, NingXiaR. has some powerful properties in it.  The main ingredient in NingXia R> is the Chinese wolf-berry. Not all wolf-berries are created equal. Only the wolf-berry found in NingXia has the properties that appears to have created so many Centuries in the area.

I have to hand it to D. Gary Young in traveling the world to find such a natural substance that seems to contribute to life  longevity.

I was just watching a TED video about people experimenting with  a water-suit that would repel sharks, instead of being human shark bate. One of the researching found that in Australia that a well known Australian naturalist and environmental consultant Harry Butler discovered long ago to take a black wetsuit and band it in yellow stripes like a bumblebee, and you’ll be mimicking the warning systems of most marine species. For example the Pilot fish swims next to sharks it is a banded fish such as how Harry Butler banded his black wetsuit. Walter Stark an Oceanographer been painting his wetsuit like this since the 1970’s and the most fascinating aspect of this is some Pacific island tribes paint themselves in bands in a sea snake ceremony to ward off  the shark god.

Gary Young founder of YL Essential oils traveled around the world and found in NORTHERN China of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. About 500 miles south of Inner Mongolia. Ningxia China that there were more centenarians in that region. 1The oldest person he met there was Ma Wang Shi in 1998. Ma Wang was 121 years old.  Age is one thing, but vitality is another, and Gary Young was amazed at not only their age but how well their endurance was also.

With a population of about 4,000, Najiahu boasted six centenarians, according to a village elder. Their ages ranged from 104 to 108. Moreover, there were more than 400 peple over the age of 70.

Their diet of these people revolves around wolfberries, sesame seeds, walnuts, raisins, longan, and mutton. Drinking tea plays a central social role in their live as well as having a dietary impact.

2Because most people in the area are Muslim, they spend one month a year fasting (during Ramadan). During this time, neither food nor drink are permitted to be consumed during daylight hours. Also Islamic prohibitions against smoking, drinking, and consuming pork also constitute pillars of their dietary regimen. It is clear that these types of dietary practices dramatically impacted their health and longevity.

We can learn from those around us though exploration and research, and then apply what we have for the benefit of ourselves and others. While NingXia Rhas nothing to do with Ninjas actually, we have found that it is a potent drink that can have a huge difference in our health. For more information about NingXia R go here:

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May your days be filled with good health, good friends, good food, and most of all; much love,

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1 Picture page 68 Second Edition Ningxia Wolfberry: the Ultimate Superfood by Gary Young ND, Ronald Lawrence MD, PhD, Marc Schreuder

2 page IV Second Edition Ningxia Wolfberry: the Ultimate Superfood by Gary Young ND, Ronald Lawrence MD, PhD, Marc Schreuder

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