Don’t Allow Job-Related Problems To Interrupt Scheduled Personal Time

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No one at the end of their lives wished they worked more at the office.

Personal time should be scheduled just as much as work time is. Make it a priority just as much as you would a business appointment. Don’t allow job-related problems to interrupt scheduled personal time.

Your personal time is your time to sweep out the work stuff and just enjoy life. It will give you better mental health when you do. A common mistake that many people make with their personal time is to say to themselves, “When I get all the business work done, then I’ll spend some time with my family.” Business work is never done. It’s the same with investing. “I’ll invest when all my bills are paid and I have extra money.” Have you noticed there is never any extra money? The same goes for extra time. Both must be created.  You must schedule your personal time with the same priority as you schedule your business time, then stick to your schedule.

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