Don’t Let The Germs Get You When You Are On A Plane

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Don’t Let The Germs Get You When You Are On a Plane

Use Thieves Wipes when on the go.

Use them to sanitize by swiping tray tables, seat buckles, air vent dials, seat pockets, and bathroom door handles.

Thieves Wipes


Thieves® Wipes are infused with the powerful properties of Thieves essential oil blend.

I myself took some to the office and wiped down my desk, and keyboard. It smells amazing and does such a great job. Better than those alcohol-based products that I tried before using Thieves wipes.

On the go, after the plane, use them in your hotel room too. The door handles, anywhere in the bathroom, the alarm clock, the nightstand, the desk, the sliding door handles. The inside and outside of the door handle.

Here’s another tip to keep your toothbrush clean too.  If your hotel supplies the plastic cups, turn one upside down and put a hole in it and use it as a toothbrush holder to keep your toothbrush off the bathroom sink countertop.

Thieves wipes come in hand when traveling for all sorts of things. Having some with you when you’re on the go or even the office is essential and they work better than products you find at the store.

Gets yours today!

Have you used this product before? Please comment below and give us other examples of how you have use Thieves wipes.

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