Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open

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Walt Disney has a wonderful life changing quote that is one of my all time favourites of quotes I collect. He said,

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Sometimes it’s not even the lack of courage, sometimes it’s the lack of vision. Just imagine Mr Walt Disney flying over Florida looking for land to build Disney World. He might have seen something like this:

swamp land

If you were sitting next to Mr Disney and looking at mainly swampland, you might have thought of him as out of his mind. But Mr Disney didn’t see swamp land, he saw this in his mind’s eye instead:
Disney pointing

disney castle

What is a dream? What is an idea? A vision? It’s something completely intangible. Thought waves shimmering through your brain.
Consider this: The idea called Disney World was nothing but a dream in one man’s mind!
Perhaps now, you will begin to see the power of a dream put into action! Do you see your dream? Do you dare to dream with your eyes wide open?



So now, I want to talk about my dreams and those that are in my team and perhaps you too when you join me in creating an income stream for yourself.

Here is what I first saw when I went to Hong Kong (which Young Living is now in for the past year) but at the time Young Living wasn’t in the Country when I went to Hong Kong 10 years ago.

SPATIAL NETWORK. While interlinked footbridges connect buildings in Hong Kong Central, it is a place where OFWs reconnect with fellow Filipinos.

While interlinked footbridges connect buildings in Hong Kong Central, it is a place where OFWs reconnect with fellow Filipinos.

Some people may see a bunch of Philapina house maids getting together on their day off playing cards. I see a very large number of network marketers getting free from their 6 days a week 24/7 jobs and making a great income in Young Living! Oh yes!! Working for themselves, being able to go home back to their families they work so hard for in the Philippines and actually can be with their families and make a great income!  (Please see the disclaimer at the bottom). Because they are already so closely networked together because of being outside their country and their employment position, I imagine their business in Young Living as a Network marketer to be able to grow expeditiously! Just as when Walt Disney flew over Flordia and what most eyes would have seen was swamp land, he saw millions of people enjoying Cinderella’s castle, the Dumbo Ride, the Train ride, the submarine ride. He saw a beautiful place that had yet been created in the physical but in his mind’s eye he could see a place called Walt Disney World. I see these wonderful hard working women (and me) like this:

Dex and Mae all dressed up

Couples getting together, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children reunited being a family together in person, instead of from a distance. What a difference this business of being a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor can make! I don’t want to speak amiss here and say it’s all easy. It’s not. It takes work.  Right now, if you’re one of the OFW’s then you know it’s more than just being a live-in maid. It’s taking care of the children. Cleaning the house, cooking the meals, doing the shopping, taking the children back and forth to school, and basically not having a life of your own except on Sunday, your day off. I admire your guts and hard work that you do if you’re one of many that are doing this. You are working hard for yourself and your family to provide what you couldn’t provide as well in your own country of the Philippines. I’m not here to put you down, on the contrary! I applaud you! I’m here just pointing a way out if that’s what you want. To build an income part time while you are still in your same position of employment there in Hong Kong or wherever else you might live and be working. To eventually not have to do that type of work any longer, if that’s what you desire. Or perhaps you are one of the thousands that dream of a better life, but just don’t know how to go about getting it? I’m not advocating that you quit your job today and go full time into network marketing. What most do, and I believe is the wise approach to this wonderful business model is to start part-time, and keep your current employment until you on a consistent basis make twice as much as you on your job and then if you want to quit, then do so; and if not; keep your job for as long as you want. This business model of network marketing gives you options, and options give you freedom.

Oh and by the way. This isn’t just for OFW’s. You may be a single mom still living in the Philippines, and are looking to build up some additional income. This is for you too.

If this makes sense to you, and you would like more information you can email me, message me on facebook or call me. I’m here to help.


Email me at DexterDBlack@comcast.net or call me at 717-467-5088 or message me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dexterdblack/

May your days be filled with good health, good friends, good food, and most of all; much love,






Dexter D Black

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