Essential Oils For Cooking

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Here is an affordable way to spice up and make your food taste great without having to spend money on fresh herbs that wilt and go bad pretty quickly. It’s Young Living’s Vitality line of Essential oils that are labeled for ingestion.

Go here to see all of them:

As you browse through the Vitality line by clicking the link above, you’ll see some labels that don’t look too familiar such as GLF Vitality. GLF™ Vitality™ essential oil is a powerful blend of essential oils that can be taken as a dietary supplement in conjunction with Detoxzyme® and Essentialzyme™ to help support healthy gallbladder and liver function. But most of the Vitality line you’ll recognize that can be used for cooking such as Basil Vitality, Cinnamon Vitality, Mint Vitality, and so forth.

Once you see how much better the world tastes with essential oils, you’ll want to give Vitality a permanent spot in your spice cabinet! You may want to consider the Vitality Culinary Kit by Young Living.

Young Living also features the best Einkorn flour there is.  Here’s a Video about Einkorn from Young Living.

I’ve used the organic dried Ningxia Wolfberries to make my own nutrition bar mixed with Gary’s Yukon Syrup and other various nuts of my choosing. You can also just mix them in with your own trail mix. They are yummy and so good for you. Top your yogurt with them. There are so many things you can do with these Wolfberries.



Want something easy for breakfast or a snack? Try the Ancient Grains Breakfast Set 

Ancient Grains breakfast set includes a 13-ounce package of Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Flakes Cereal and a 12-ounce package of Gary’s True Grit® Einkorn Granola. Yum Yum!






Ready for some dessert? Check out the

Chocolessence Bundle


Crafted by an award-winning chocolatier, our Chocolessence Peppermint Almond Bars are a chocolate experience that combines the competing dark and bright notes of Ecuadorian dark chocolate, Peppermint Vitality™ essential oil, and the highest quality almonds.


This discount bundle satisfies all your chocolate needs with four Chocolessence™ Peppermint Almond Bars and a bag of Chocolessence™ Wolfberry Truffles.


Want even more things to use to whip up something good in the Kitchen? Check out Young Living’s Healthy Cooking page.


Here are some recipes that different Young Living Members have used: (Click on Each Recipe to ENLARGE).




















As you can see there is a whole world of possibilities for using Essential Oils for cooking!


Are you still lost and wondering what an essential oil is? Check out this blog post that explains just that.

Here is YL’s Website.

With so many choices of essential oils and essential oil-infused products, where do you start?

The best deal is to have our Premium starter kit. It’s like getting the oils at 50% off plus it comes with a diffuser.

Premium Starter Kit with Dew Diffuser









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