Feeling Angry Often?

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85% of people feel angry a few times a week. There are lots of possible causes and what we can do about it is what I want to help with. So let’s go over a few:

  • One of the main causes which I myself really have to watch out for to not be angry or grumpy is Hunger. If you wait too long to eat your sugar levels drop which kick in the hormones for fight or flight and that can cause you to be angry. Solution: Eat a healthy snack. That will bring your blood sugar back up and make you feel a lot better.
  • You’re Sleepy: Plenty of studies have linked a lack of sleep with irritability and anger. Solution: The obvious. Get more sleep. The times you simply can’t consider drinking a tub of Ningxia Nitro. It’s all-natural and it reduces brain fog.
  • PMS– Come on ladies, you know this can affect your mood. Solution: Be aware of your cycle by keeping track. (There are apps that can help with this). Also. I understand that there is a product from YL that can help with this: It’s called Progressive Plus Serum. Check it out.
  • Overworked: I’m not one of those that say “You always have to have balance.” I believe that is a fallacy because there are going to be times where we have to throw all our focus on our work. Then other times, we level back off and have time for family and work. (Unless you’re a workaholic which is an entirely different issue). What to do: Take mini-breaks and mini-vacations. Sometimes we get the idea that we have to take this grand vacation to relieve the stress of being overworked. While a grand vacation is wonderful to take, a mini weekend getaway and many times even a day getaway will do just as well, and sometimes even better.
  • One of the secrets I’ve used is two-fold to keep my anger away or at least in control. One is to pray. Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you. The other is a combination of essential oils called Stress Away. Both have worked wonders in my own life.

Try to keep things in perspective and think to yourself the next time you are feeling angry “In the long run, does this really matter?” Sometimes this question will allow you to diffuse your anger right away.

I hope some of these tips help you in reducing or eliminating anger from your life.

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