Giving to Others Can Make You Rich In Many Ways.

Photo by Tom Parsons on Unsplash

It seems counter-intuitive that to be rich you must give. But it’s true. It’s one of the laws that God set up. The law says “Give, and it shall be given unto you.”  But the good news is, it doesn’t stop there.  It goes on to say “pressed down, shaken up, and running over, shall men give to you.”  So, not only will you get back what you have given (not necessarily from the same source as you have given to) but you’ll get back even more! I remember the first time I came across this principle when watching some very old Napoleon Hill videotapes. He even dared me to try it and see how it works for myself. I was up for the challenge and excited to try it! At the time I owned my own Lawn Care business called New Create Property Services in Southern California. I had this residential lawn account where I mowed his lawn. I noticed a lot of trash on the lawn and seen why. He had three garbage cans (this was before the big bins they have now) that were cracked and leaking trash out of it on to the lawn. So I saw my opportunity! I left my employee there to work on the lawn and then I went to the local hardware store and bought three new garbage cans and replaced them with his three broken ones. Just as we were finishing up the job, my customer drives into his driveway. I told him that I took his old cans and replaced them with new ones. He was really grateful and asked how much does he owe me? I said “Nothing at all. It’s on me.” He said, “Are you sure, I can pay you for them?” I said “Oh, I’m sure, thank you though.” and then I left. The following week his neighbor next door asked if I could do their lawn regularly and then two weeks after that his neighbor also asked me to cut his hedges as a one time job, and then a week after that I got yet another customer about three doors down from my original customer.  I was amazed at how this works and from then on knew that this law of giving works and have seen it work time and time again in different ways.

The key is, to expect that when a “seed” is sown, it will grow. And it will! Again, it may not come from the same source, but it will come. Now it’s my turn to challenge you. Try it for yourself and see how it works. Then come back here and leave me a comment and share with me your story. Or perhaps you already have some experiences of giving that you’d like to share right now? Please post a comment below.

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