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It doesn’t matter really if you believe that we are causing Climate Change or not. There are little habits that a lot of us do each day that could be tweeted in the smallest way to make a big difference in the world we live in.

  • 8.7 Billion gallons of water would be saved this year if every Americans had their car washed just once at the Car Wash instead of washing it at home.
  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Assuming you brush for two minutes twice daily, you could save almost 3,285 gallons per year.
  • Put your vehicle in eco-cruise and save 15% in gas mileage.
  • Get an Electric Vehicle: The Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that over the course of one year, a gas-powered car costs $1,500 to fuel and releases 4.7 metric tons of greenhouse gases. An Electric car costs $421 to fuel and releases only 2.3 metric tons.
  • 90% of the energy used by your washing machine goes to warming its water. Switch to a detergent formulated to work best in cold water.
  • Have fewer paper receipts printed and instead have it emailed to you. 2.34 Million tons of greenhouse gases are from paper.
  • Reduce or eliminate one time uses of plastic bottles. 459,259,300,000 is an estimate of how many single-use plastic bottles are purchased worldwide each year, less than half of which get recycled.
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  • Switch to LED lightbulbs for your home. It’s theorized that their rapid adoption could reduce energy consumption by the equivalent of 44 power plants by 2027.

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