How to burn more fat, up your mood and motivation. It’s Fiber.

Enough Fiber in your day can do wonders!

It can

  1. Burn more fat and calories: Because of it revving your metabolism.
  2. Keeps your body balanced: If you’re packing in a lot of postworkout protein to help build and maintain muscle, fiber can be an important counterbalance. If you eat too much protein, some of it may not be digested and will be broken down by gut bacteria, which creates inflammation-causing compounds. But when you eat enough fiber, it acts as a deterrent. The bacteria break it down instead, which prevents this harmful process of inflammation. Make sure that at least some of your daily protein comes from plant sources, like beans and peas which contain plenty of fiber.
  3. Boosted immune system: Fiber boosts the population of good gut bacteria in your digestive tract which has been linked to a boosted immune system and better mood. Certain types of fiber, like chicory root, make it easier for your body to absorb magnesium and calcium.
  4. Saving your knees: A fiber-rich diet can help ward off kneed problems according to a Boston University School of Medicine study. People who ate the most fiber were less likely than people who consumed less fiber to experience worsening kneed pain or develop painful osteoarthritis in their knees later. They believe because of the fiber’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

So how much fiber do you need? Aim for at least 25 grams of fiber a day (most people get only about 16 grams). Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts, and you’ll have the right mix of different types of fiber. As you eat more fiber, be sure to take in nine glasses of water a day to prevent your stomach from getting upset.

Some suggestions for fiber:

1 cup Broccoli (5 g)

1 oz Almonds (3.5 g)

1 whole Sweet Potato (6g)

1 cup Black Beans (15g)

1 cup peas (9 g)

1/2 cup collard greens (4g)

1 oz Raspberries (1g)

Half an Avocado (7g)

1/2 cup Split Peas (8g) 






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