How to Get Ningxia Red Free or Anything Else You Want From Young Living.

Some people think that because it’s all natural it’s going to cost you more money. Sometimes that is true, although I have found many times it is actually cheaper to buy natural through Young Living Essential Oils. For example, after doing the math I learned that Young Living’s Laundry Soap when using a He washing machine is actually cheaper than using a leading laundry detergent brand!

Besides for many of the products being cheaper, and at a discount when you stay a faithful Rewards Member, you also from your monthly orders earn points that you can use to buy products for FREE. I actually bought two bottles of Ningxia Red drink for free just this morning. All I had to do was pay out of my pocket was the shipping. A product that would have cost me $71.00 wholesale (a savings of $22.42 over retail). So, what was my out of pocket expense? $9.99 for UPS to deliver it to me by ground within 3-5 business days. I could have picked postal for even a more affordable rate, but I did want it soon. That’s the other nice thing, you can pick the type of delivery. The other thing great about Essential Rewards is, I can use the points right online. I don’t even have to call the Company waiting on hold at all. The other thing I love about Essential Rewards is during my monthly shipment of products it’s so flexible. For example, let’s say one month I want Ningxia Red, Peppermint oil, and Lavender oil, but the following month I want something entirely different such as Thieves Household Cleaner, and Aromabright toothpaste. I am easily able to change my order to fit my needs each month and not only that I am able to change the date it’s charged to my credit card if I need to. Totally flexible!

Now, there is one more way to get free product from Young Living. As many products as you need actually.  In this method you have to be more than a customer, you have to be a distributor. Does it cost extra to become a distributor? Not at all! So if you’re ordering products from Young Living anyhow, why not become a distributor and that way when you share with others about the great results you’re having with Young Living products and they become a customer or distributor you actually get a “thank you” from the company in the form of a commission. Get enough people ordering through you, and your commission will be enough to pay for any products you want. I don’t see Sam’s Club or Costo doing that, do you? If you like the idea of making a commission while benefiting from the Young Living products yourself you can join here. Put in Enroller and Sponsor number: 1085586. After you join, order the products you want and then sign up for Essential Rewards in the back office. If you need assistance, I’ll be glad to walk you through it step by step.

So, there you have it! How to get Ningxia Red or anything else you want from Young Living FREE!

When ordering enter in Enroller and Sponsor areas this number: 1085586
Phone Orders
1-800-371-3515 (toll-free Canada & US)
Monday–Saturday: 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. US MT


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