I Can’t Touch My Toes, What Can I Do?

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Everybody that can stand on two feet should be able to touch your toes. I remember there was a time I could not. Because of the type of work I do, I sit for long periods of time (not a healthy thing to do) and so I needed to slowly loosen up.  How did I do it, and how can you too? I’m glad you asked. (Wink).

My understanding is from all the sitting I was doing it meant more than likely my hamstrings and or lower back were tight. In my case, both were very tight. All of these can lead to back pain and even possible disc problems down the line. So I had to loosen up.

I started doing stretches of different types. The last thing you want to do is when you are trying to touch your toes is to bounce. Don’t do that. Just slowly bend over and hang for a while. Then cross your arms over and try to touch your other foot and visa versa. Again, don’t bounce and don’t force yourself down. Just do what is comfortable even if it’s not even close to touching your toes. It’s all right. You’ll get there, I promise.

I then followed this video in Dr. Saran’s video in different stretches. Here it is:

Please consult your Doctor before attempting any of these stretches. See my Disclaimers page for more information.

These stretches really helped me and still do today.  How often you do them is up to you. I’d say every other day listening to how your body feels and then once you feel loose and can touch your toes, you could do it every day.

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What other stretches have you used to loosen up your back and other parts of your body? Please comment below and let us know. I’d love to read your comments.


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