I Loathe Cancer!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I loathe cancer! I had an Uncle die from it, and my mother die from it, and a sister in-law too. Most recently a co-worker at my job died of lung cancer and now another co-worker is being treated for lung and bone cancer. I’ve also known a couple of people from the church I used to go to that had cancer and fortunately by the grace of God survived the Doctors treatments and are cancer free. (Seems rare to me, in my experience).

I feel the traditional medical system is not helping much if at all with this thing called cancer and feel after studying the subject for quite a few years now that there are hidden methods that have been already discovered but buried that can cure cancer.

This beautiful couple’s video is heart warming and sad all mixed together. I’m sad they are no longer together…all because of cancer.






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Dexter D Black

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