Jargon for Green Beauty Labels

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You have probably seen at one time or another these terms or jargon on your personal care products and wondered exactly what it meant. Here is some helpful information:

Sustainable- They consider the impact of the environment the ingredients are taken from.

Small Batch- Overall it means a formula is made, mixed and poured by hand instead of in a manufacturing line made of machines.

Fair Trade- The ethical treatment (as in fair pay, good working conditions) of the workers getting the ingredients needed for the product(s) and making products.

Zero Landfill- 95% of the landfill sites recovered their waste last year with this type of packaging.

Gentle Formula-  Ingredients without alcohol, parabens or sulfates.

Upcycle & Recycle- Recyclable packaging

Eco-Conscious- Packaging that is designed to reduce the impact on the Earth.


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