Laws of Abundance Part 3 Going the Extra Mile

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Most people work a job. And on that job most people don’t put their all into it. They figure since the company doesn’t pay them much, why should they work that hard? So it goes into a cycle of what I call “trickle blessings.” You work, you get a paycheck and you work, you get a paycheck. You might even get a pay raise, but it’s not that much; and it’s not really keeping up with what you need. So the cycle continues. Let’s break out of this with the Laws of Abundance working in our favor!

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Going the Extra Mile goes back to Roman conquered lands. When Rome controlled Israel it was occupied by Roman soldiers. When a soldier needed something carried, they would look around and tell a citizen to carry it for them. By Roman Law they were required to carry it one mile. Jesus taught his followers to go the extra mile. So if a follower of Jesus was asked by a Roman soldier to carry something for them, they would go more than a mile as a witness. In other words they did more than the minimum even though it wasn’t required. They went beyond the minimum. Very unusual in those times to go more than a mile for a reviled Roman soldier. You might feel the same towards the company or your boss as they did towards the Roman soldiers. “Why should I, they don’t even pay me to do this?” Know this though, going the extra mile in the service of others, whether on a job or in a business of your own, makes you get noticed. When you get noticed for going beyond the call of duty you’ll start seeing that trickle of income increase into a steady stream. Then if you keep it up, that stream will become a current, and from a current into a rapid, and from a rapid into a flood of financial abundance!

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I learned this principle in my mid 20’s after watching a Napoleon Hill black and white video series called Think and Grow Rich. Back then I had a Lawn Care business. At the end of the video, Mr. Hill challenged me to test it out and try it for yourself. I took the challenge to heart and looked for an opportunity to “Go the extra mile” for one of my customers, Mr. Burks. He lived on San Antonio Street and he was my only customer on that street. It was a front and back yard that wasn’t too big for $20 per visit. I mowed and edged his lawn and packed up my equipment in my pick-up truck and then noticed that his plastic garbage cans were cracked and leaking out the trash. He had two of them. I found my opportunity. I rushed to Lowes and bought three new hard plastic garbage cans (this was before trash companies had the big trash cans that they supplied so they could pick them up with a truck fork). I took the old ones and put the new ones in place. Just as I was about to leave the homeowner pulled into the driveway with his car and saw I was putting his old broken trash cans into the back of my pickup. So I told him I had finished up his lawn and “By the way, you have three new trash cans.” He was pleased and asked, “How much do I owe you?” I answered “Nothing at all.” He asked if I was sure, and I said: “Oh I’m really sure” (thinking about how someway this may end up being a blessing for me but not sure how). So he paid me for the lawn work and I was on my way. In two weeks his neighbor to the left of his house stopped me as I was doing Mr. Burks lawn and asked how much I would charge to do his front lawn only? I gave him a quote and he hired me to do it every other week. The following two weeks as I was mowing Mr. Burks lawn, his neighbors to his left and then the neighbor to Mr. Burks right decided to be my customer too. A week after that, Mr. Burks neighbor across the street wanted me to cut his hedge once a month. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

So, now like Mr. Hill, I challenge you to test “Going the extra mile.” You may not find that the abundance comes from the person you give to, but you will notice it coming in possibly from other sources. Break the cycle of “trickle blessings” and bring in the flood of abundance instead.

Part 4 Laws Of Abundance Coming soon!

May your days be filled with good health, good friends, good food, and most of all; much love,


Dexter D Black

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