Laws of Abundance Part 7 Secrets to Creativity

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Have you ever said to yourself when you viewed something made that was amazing and said: “That’s amazing, I wonder how they came up with that idea?”

This blog post is going to list some known and some rare ways to spark creativity in you. After all, to flow in abundance you must have creativity. To create is divine! Those who create are those who master the world, or at least their part of the world. Think about it, the computer, the cell phone, the automobile, the telephone landline, the radio, the airplane. All these things at one time were thought of and then created. But how? How do you create something from nothing? Of course, it all starts in your mind. Bringing into your mind using the imagination to start the creation process. To give you a better idea of the power of the imagination you need to watch Bob Proctor’s video: CREATE or Disintegrate. Actually, I’d recommend you watch it a few times to grasp just how powerful your mind is.

Creation is what the “big boys” get paid for. The CEO’s of the large corporations of the world. They are of course also decision-makers, but they have vision. What they lack in creativity, they hire others to create for them. In the business world, it’s called “Think Tanks” or ” R&D” short for Research and Development.

God is the original and Master creator. He spoke this world we live in into existence. Why did He speak it? Could He have just thought it instead? Below you’ll get a clue as to why He spoke it out, just as you should when you are creating something you desire.

We are going to explore some ways for you to become more creative. Some of these methods are from the beginning of time, and younger back into ancient Chinese civilization. As you read them, don’t be too quick to dismiss them. Instead, try the different methods out for yourself, and prove to yourself what works.

There are some “tricks” that are not well known to trigger your mind to be creative.

Chinese Iron Balls:

While the right and left side brain hemisphere do work together, it is the right side hemisphere that dominates creativity and imagination.

Placing these balls together in the left hand and rolling them around when you want an extra spike of creativity is the secret to the Chinese Iron Balls also known as Boading balls from where they originated from in China. The often you use these balls in your left hand, the more creative and imaginative you can become.

Some of the abilities popularly associated with the right side of the brain include:

  • Recognizing faces
  • Expressing emotions
  • Music
  • Reading emotions
  • Color
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Creativity

Why the left hand? Because the right side of your brain hemisphere controls the left side of your body. Thus the left hand simulating the right brain hemisphere.

Mind Maps:

A mind map is a visual way to write down goals that will lead to other steps to the goal. In this example above the goal is to figure out what to do for this person’s birthday. So you start in the center of the paper and write down the main thought or goal and then draw lines out from it connecting more thoughts to the main goal. Mind maps are very effective in helping you create an action plan around a main goal or idea.

Saying It Out Loud

Affirmations work better when spoken out loud rather than just silently to yourself. Speaking it aloud sets into motion the vibration through which the thought behind your words reaches and embeds itself in your subconscious mind. *1

Say It Whenever You Can

Another technique that will help to fix your goal or desire in your subconscious is to make it a part of your daily vocabulary. Look for ways to include your affirmation in your normal everyday activities. *1

Write what you want over and over

Although this could be done at the computer, taking pen in hand and writing out your affirmation over and over makes a different kind of impression on your subconscious. *1

Writing it To Be Seen

Put your affirmations on cards or Post-it’s and put them in your wallet, on your desktop computer. Surround yourself with books, pictures, mottoes, and other things that reinforce the idea of you succeeding at your goal. I use a program that you can buy from me called *Mind Movies. You create your own movie track, with pictures, music, and affirmations of whatever it is you are desiring and you watch it three times a day. It’s quite effective!

*Essential Oil named Abundance *2

Essential oils have been used for centuries. Only today are we rediscovering their power to affective our lives for the better by inhalation, direct application (known as neet), and ingestion. Only the purest of essential oils should be used, as synthetic oils are robbed of their vibrational qualities. While synthetic oils may smell even better than a pure essential oil, they are known as dead oils that have no therapeutic value. There is an oil sold by Young Living Essential Oils called Abundance. It is a blend of certain oils put together that ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.

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*1 Book: What Would Napoleon Hill Do?


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