Living A Clean Life

Living a Clean Life in today’s world is quite a challenge and frankly can be overwhelming when you start discovering so much “wrong” with the world. That’s why when I suggest a change to living a cleaner healthier life, I suggest in baby steps. “Inch by inch anything is a cinch, but by the yard it’s hard” – Robert Schuller.

If you start out at the gym brand new and go at it 1 hour a day for 5 days you are going to burn out and stop going. Start slow, work your way into it until you’ve made a habit of say 15 minutes and then add to it until it becomes a habit and keep going forward with it until you’ve reached where you want to be.

The same with changing our diet, meaning our eating habits. If you just suddenly throw out all your snacks and everything else you’ve suddenly deemed unhealthy and buy everything at the health food store to replace it, more than likely you are going to find yourself back in the same rut you were before long.

Even our favorite Toothpaste brand, shampoos and soaps that may need replacing, I’d take it one at a time until you are using the replacement as a habit. You might ask why should I replace my brands I’m so used to using?  Did you know that we absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin? Also, did you know that many products sold have toxic chemicals in them? You may be exposed to these chemicals and they could be affecting your health in ways you didn’t even think possible, such as skin allergies, cancer, infertility, birth defects, reproductive problems and learning disabilities! 

When you exchange out products and make a habit one by one of living a cleaner, chemical free lifestyle, over the long term; you will find you are living a clean, healthy lifestyle.

Also know when you are on a course of changing habits, know there will be times of backsliding. It’s true! I’m not trying to discourage you, only notify you so when it happens, you don’t give up. If you fall off the wagon so to speak, get up and start again the next day. Building good habits take time. Just know you will get there if you keep at it.

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