Living a Healthy Lifestyle While Using Young Living Products to Support You

Young Living products are greater than any products I have ever experienced in my life. Thousands of others also feel the same way. But as great as they are, Young Living products are not medicine. You don’t use them to feel better and then toss them to the side like you would a bottle of aspirin. Instead, you incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. I know if you haven’t already made a habit of living a healthy lifestyle, it can be quite a challenge to stop old bad habits and create new ones. Yet that is exactly what we need to do, to live a healthy lifestyle. If before we smoked, we must stop smoking. If we overindulged in drinking alcohol, we must either stop entirely or moderate our consumption of alcohol. We might have lived a life of being sedentary, and now we are so obese that we must change, or suffer the consequences.   Eating healthy vs eating junk food every day is quite a challenge also.  Yet we know that our body and brain needs proper nutrition to function well. Getting enough sleep is vitally important too. All these things require adjustments in our life.

Whether you are already living a healthy lifestyle or are working towards creating a healthy lifestyle Young Living Essential Oils and oil infused products are created to support you. There are so many examples that I can give you in how they can support a healthy lifestyle, I’ll give you a couple of examples, so you get the idea of how to start using these products for your benefit.

The first example will be me:

I wake up in the morning and start off my day by aligning my mind with how I want my day to be, which is positive. I lay in bed for 5 minutes before sitting up and I mentally start being grateful for people and things in my life. I then get up and drink one glass of water which I keep on my nightstand. (Proper hydration is very important and drinking a glass of water to start your day out tells the body it’s time to wake up and end the fast). I brush my teeth with an all natural toothpaste called Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste from Young Living. I take a shower and alternate three different essential oils unto my scalp. One morning it may be Lavender essential oil, the next morning, Cedarwood Essential Oil, and the next morning Rosemary essential oil to support healthy hair growth. I use a few drops and I can mix it in with Shutran™ 3-in-1 Men’s Wash or some other natural 3 in one soap depending on what I want for that morning. On the mornings I do some Yoga type stretches or walking and I feel my muscles sore I use  Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream. I rub it in really good and I can feel the cool and heat in one. Ahhh feels good! I drink some Ningxia Red and I choose to mix it in with some Pomegranate juice and eat breakfast or make a shake with it. As I work on my part-time Young Living business I drink a glass of water and many times put one drop of Vitality Lemon essential oil in my water, to help support a healthy digestion system. I at times use my Young Living cold diffuser to diffuse into the air an essential oil of my choice to keep me invigorated. I’m off to work and by 5 PM I might feel a little low on energy. I always bring a tube of Ningxia Nitro for days that I need it. It helps a lot! I keep my desk full of drinking bottles to keep track of the amount of water I need to drink in a day because it’s really easy not to drink enough water when you have a desk job. I also may use another drop of lemon essential oil in my water at my desk. Some days are more stressful than others, and when I feel stress coming on, I have a roll-on bottle I keep right by my computer at work called Stress Away. I love the smell of it, and it does help keep my stress level down. Also at times when I may choose to put a little Peppermint essential oil under my nose for extra awareness too. After a good days work, I come home and relax many times either with a funny show on TV, or a good book. A few drops of Lavender essential oil either on the tissue that I have in my fan or under my nose to help wind down my day.  This is my average use of Young Living essential oils and oil infused products. There are so many other oils and products I use for different things in my life, but this gives you a good idea of how I incorporate these products into my life.


Example two of how a woman would use Young Living essential oils:

June wakes up in the morning and hits the snooze a few times and then finally gets up to get ready for work. She goes to the bathroom and washes her face with Satin Facial Scrub Mint from Young Living to exfoliate her skin. She heads to the gym and comes back home after a good workout.  After her shower using Young Livings Volume Lavender Shampoo and for her bar of soap she really likes the Morning Start. which helps wake her up.

After her shower she then uses Young Living natural mineral eye liner, base, and other make up to highlight her looks. June loves Young Livings make-up products because she knows they are 100% toxic free unlike the products she used to buy over the counter at her favorite department stores. She eats a light breakfast of oatmeal and sprinkles Ningxia Red wolfberries in it and drinks two ounces of Ningxia Red to keep her body fortified with the great ingredients it has. (See link for full information on Ningxia Red). Because June is a bit overweight and wants to lose a few pounds she also uses some Slique products to help her with her weight goal. She grabs a Wolfberry Crisp Bar for a snack before lunch at work to “keep it healthy” instead of grabbing some chips or candy that would defeat her time at the gym.  A nice light lunch of salad and a Ningxia Red single to drink and she’s ready to finish up her work day.

Back at home before dinner she throws in a load of laundry. She washes all her clothes with Thieves Laundry Soap  knowing it’s safe for the environment and since her clothes are right against her skin, it’s important she knows that no toxins that are found in leading laundry detergents are not rubbing against her skin.

After a nice dinner, she loads the dish washer and uses Thieves Dishwasher powder and she cleans the kitchen counters and kitchen floor with Thieves Household Cleaner. It smells so good, like clove. Once again being all natural, she knows her and her family are safe using Thieves and that it kills 99.98% of all germs.

At night before bed June uses Sandalwood Moisture Cream on her face to moisture her skin. Brushes her teeth and rinses her mouth with Thieves Fresh Essence Mouth Wash. She loves to diffuse Lavender essential oil before bed to help her get a good nights sleep.

I hope you have a better idea how Young Livings products can be used on a daily routine and sometimes those non-routines to help you support a healthy lifestyle.


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