More Benefits of Eating Fish-Eating plenty of fatty fish could help minimize asthma symptoms

A couple of fishy meals a week may keep asthma away (By Ben Coxworth on New Atlas)


“For six months, half of the test subjects were instructed to eat at least two meals of cooked fatty fish per week, at a minimum of 150 grams per serving – this was as part of a Mediterranean diet, which traditionally also includes a lot of plant-based foods and whole grains, while minimizing salt, red meat and saturated fats. The other half of the children continued with their regular diet.

At the end of the study period, the participants who ate the fish twice a week were found to have a 14-point reduction in bronchial inflammation. Under international guidelines, anything over 10 units is considered to be significant.”  (According to the article by Ben Coxworth on New Atlas).

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