Mushrooms May Help Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

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Photo by Daniel Fazio on Unsplash

Results from a large, long-term cohort study of more than 36,000 Japanese men suggested an association between eating mushrooms and a lower risk of prostate cancer. Publishing source: International Journal of Cancer.

Mushrooms are widely used in Asia, both for their nutritional value and medicinal properties.

Note: Even though the study shows a consumption of mushrooms may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, eating a healthy and balanced diet is much more important than filling your shopping cart with mushrooms.

Of the participants: 3.3% developed prostate cancer during the follow-up period. Participants who consumed mushrooms once or twice a week had an 8% lower risk of developing prostate cancer, compared to those who ate mushrooms less than once per week, while those who consumed mushrooms three or more times per week had a 17% lower risk than those who ate mushrooms less than once a week.

Mushrooms are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, especially L-ergothioneine- which is believed to mitigate against oxidative stress, a cellular imbalance resulting from poor diet and lifestyle choices and exposure to environmental toxins that can lead to chronic inflammation that is responsible for chronic diseases such as cancer.

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