My Friend Frank

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My Friend Frank

Quite a few years ago I met Frank. Frank is the kind of straightforward and yet one of the rarest peaceful type guys I’ve ever come across. We get together and worship God at times. I like when Frank joins me, it brings a whole new dimension to worship that I might not get without Frank around.
Another thing Frank and I enjoy doing is anointing and praying for others. I know when we anoint people and pray we are 100% on queue with the Bible. I was really curious about Frank looked into where Frank is from and found the origin to be the Middle East. A place called Oman. I have to say he has an unusual family. I saw pictures of Frank and Franks family hanging out in trees, right in the middle of the desert!. What a bunch of saps hu!?
What’s more interesting though is that Franks ancient family line goes back at least 3000 years and it’s been said that Franks very great Grandfather met with Joseph and Mary and their baby Jesus. I was impressed, to say the least! I never knew anyone’s family history that could claim to have met Jesus! Apparently, they were introduced by the three wise men that we read in the Bible. It figures that these wise men knew Franks kin. But his family line goes even further, back to the time of Moses and Aaron of the Bible! Unbelievable you say? Hey, the documentation is right in the Bible, just read it for yourself. Franks ancient relatives helped heal a curse on the Israelites. Impressive, yes? As a matter of fact, Franks family is mentioned seventeen times in the ancient scriptures!
After learning of Franks family history, I am in, I guess you might say; in awe of even having Frank around.

I also learned that Frank and Franks family is into cosmetics.  Frank has been known to be revered in the Middle East.  Franks family history goes all the way back to finding their remains with Anglo-Saxons and ancient Egyptians.

The funny thing is Frank doesn’t drive but he does get around. Boy does Frank get around! Frank has been all over the world and has been known by different cultures and peoples. That’s how popular Frank actually is. And to have Frank in my own house…wow.
If you’d like to meet Frank, let me know. He’s willing to come over. Frank loves meeting new folk and getting to know them. Frank has a special arrangement with UPS where he is able to hitch a ride to where ever is called for.
I happen to reside in Pennsylvania where Frank currently is with me, but he can get to you where ever you are since Frank and his family does have a special arrangement with UPS. They even fly with them! Lucky Frank! I’m a bit envious. But hey, I’m not selfish. As much as I care for Frank, because of the value Frank gives, I’m willing to share about Frank to anyone that wants to listen. Frank and the history of Frank is way beyond having me hoard this knowledge about Frank. To see Frank interact with others is a blessing to me. I’d say that Frank is unique in his abilities to relate and interact with others. I’m sure you’ll be happy to get to know Frank, just as I have and so many others. ( I have to tell you though, Frank smells a bit unusual. The scent called Frankincense would describe the scent well. If you’ve never smelled Frankincense, it’s a bit hard to describe as it has its own qualities, just like Frank does. I’m not saying Frank stinks, I’m just saying…Franks scent is a bit…well…like Frank.)

If I can help introduce you both, just let me know.

Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash

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