New Farm and Business Opportunities Opening In The Philippines

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The Philippines is a place of extremes. It’s extremely beautiful, extremely hot, and extremely full of life. The Country is made up of over 7000 islands, 100 Million people that speak over 100 languages and over 52,000 plant and animal species, twenty thousand of which are not found in any other place in the world.

Facing economic hardship many men and women of the Philippines are forced to leave their families and homes to seek job opportunities outside of their Country. In 2013 approximately 10.2 Million people of Filipino descent lived or worked abroad making the Filipino people the largest diaspora people in the world. This is incredibly hard for many Filipinos as the culture is very tight-knit and family oriented. So the problem you have is people are being separated from their families for months to many years at a time. It can make you feel homesick and even stuck. It’s hard to miss the ones you love.  We know personally how hard this can be because when my wife was still a single mother she was one of many Filipina’s that worked abroad to provide financial support for her daughter.

The Philippines was announced as Young Living’s newest partner farm. Chosen for its ethical and conscientious harvesting methods, Happy Pili Tree Farm is headed by long-time organic farming advocate Rosalina Tan, who oversees the innovation of organic processes to ensure that the precious 100% therapeutic-grade Elemi oil distilled there is sourced legally and sustainably. The farm protects natural resources and helps ensure the long-term viability of high-quality Elemi essential oil while providing fair wages to workers and keeping job opportunities and expertise within the local community allowing many people to be employed locally. Rosalina Tan is the co-founder of this farm. She has rented a house for over a decade, not being able to afford her own house. Because of her work at the Happy Phil farm, she is now able to purchase her own home. Her family is very proud of her.

I am very happy for people like Rosalina in the Bicol region that are able to have a better life because of this farm.

What is also exciting is in November 2018, Young Living will officially open up for business in the Philippines to allow people to become members and business builders working as independent business owners. This will allow the Philippine people an open door of opportunity that has never existed before through Young Living Essential Oils.  This is an answer to our prayers for a very long time. Just like any other door of opportunity, it will require you to walk through it. My wife and I will be working from the USA to support as many Filipinos that are willing to work with us in creating a business of their own that could change thousands if not millions of lives in the Philippines and around the world.  The Pili tree is known as “The Tree of Hope”. How fitting for the hope that is now able to grow in the Philippines. The Filipino people are loving and caring. They are warm-hearted people who live simple lives and because of their generous spirit, they live happily. We look forward to seeing many lives enriched through Young Living Essential Oils.

Now Pino’s and Pinay’s have the opportunity to create wealth







Dexter & Mae Black


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