NingXia Red: A Seed to Seal Story


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Young Living Silver distributor Mei-Ming Raicer from New Jersey is an experienced voice in the field of integrated medicine. Watch her explain why she believes in the benefits of NingXia Red as she recounts the power of wolfberries as a child and the simplicity of taking in these benefits today.

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I love what this lady said about Ningxia red when someone said it’s too expensive:

Lori Barbato-Cooke I thought it was crazy expensive too so I did some math and if you buy the essential rewards package, it’s about 1.20 an ounce. We usually do an oz or so daily, if sick or feeling run down we bump it up. How many times would I buy my kids a pack of mms or skittles at the register when shopping and thought nothing of it. It’s only a dollar that’s fine..or an overpriced coffee (that I can make at home) and not flinch? Or a bottle of good wine finished with one meal? This is probably the most powerful supplement that I’m giving my family. Vitamins, if they are quality, are comparable. This one I not only know its quality, I’m guaranteed it’s quality, and being in liquid form it’s probably the most effective. Hopefully, this perspective helps you see it differently. 😊🍷 that’s my Ningxia emoji lol


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