OFW’s Find A New Way To Make Money

Total Number of OFWs Estimated at 2.4 Million (Results from the 2015 Survey on Overseas Filipinos)
The number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who worked abroad at any time during the period April to September 2015 was estimated at 2.4 million. Overseas Contract Workers (OCWs) or those with existing work contract comprised 97.1 percent of the total OFWs during the period April to September 2015. The rest (2.9 %) worked overseas without a contract.
They say success leaves clues and we see the standard wealthy families have created businesses that provide jobs to OFW’s is because these families have found the secret to living a lifestyle that even most American’s no longer live. Businessmen in HK have cooks, servants, and Nannies to help tend to their children while they are either employed in a high executive position or an owner of their own business. Something that American businessmen used to have back in the 1920’s-1930’s. Now only the most wealthy in America can afford such luxuries. Outside the USA such as HK, Singapore, such lifestyles are still being lived like this by many with the help of OFW’s. While such families are living in wealthy lifestyle OFW’s sacrifice their lives by leaving their families to generate an income that they send most of their money they earned back home to their families so their children can have a decent education, and their wives/husbands/children can be provided for. Many are never able to return back home, while others return for a visit after being gone a decade or more; usually only for a visit.
In the past, it seems this was the only way to ensure a fair lifestyle for their family until they discovered what is known as residual income. Residual income was only available to successful music artists, book authors, and the real estate rentals owners. Things that unless you could sing, have a blockbuster book, or enough money to invest in real estate that just isn’t available to the average Filipino.  Now through a method called Multi-level Marketing (MLM for short) a person that has the ability to build up a large network of people working with him/her and customers buying from them, that doesn’t require inventory except for the products you and your family use yourself, or collection, as the company does all the collection and delivery of the products for you. MLM has become an avenue of freedom for OFW’s to go home and work from home; allowing them to stay with their loved ones and provide the income necessary to live a comfortable lifestyle.  Most OFW’s actually start part time by keeping their current position and working until their contract ends and using their days off to build their part time business up into a viable business that will allow them to return home and stay home.  Because Filipino’s are very community orientated and everyone knows everybody, the MLM model of doing business makes perfect sense because building an MLM business means building a team of people all working together to benefit one another.
Dexter D. Black an American businessman who first caught this vision of reaching out to OFW’s to help them and their families become financially free, is currently working with OFW’s and their families to build such a business through a company called Young Living Essential oils. A company that has been in business for more than 20 years and is the leader in essential oils. Young Living currently has offices in:
Lima, Peru,
Calgary, Canada,
Hong Kong, China,
Tokyo, Japan,
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom,
Brisbane, Australia,
and their Global Headquarters in Lehi, Utah.
Young Living continues to expand around the globe and has a vision of having their essential oil products in every household around the world.
If you are an OFW or an OFW family member and would like to know the next step in starting such a viable business you can go here: OFWs and family members getting started in Young Living.
If you want more education to learn more about Young Living click here.
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