Oils For Emotions

This is overlooked a lot when it comes to the use of Essential oils, which is using them for how you feel. That’s right, scents can have an impact on your emotions. Have you ever been walking along and you happen to stroll someone or someplace and suddenly you smell a certain scent and it instantly brings back a vivid memory? Then if you allow, that memory continues to play a movie in your head and heart in how you felt at that time.  This is one example of how scent affects us. There are others. Certain scents can lift our moods, bring a feeling of harmony, a state of worship and gratefulness, even help us forgiven and release bad things in our lives and scents to help relieve stress. (We all need that from time to time).

International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. (IFF), conducted a study that found certain aromas were able to affect mood by eliciting a muscle relaxing effect.  IFF created a database for themselves called Mood Mapping that analyzed how fragrances around the world affected moods. One of the most interesting findings produced by the study was the way specific scents have the ability to reduce stress in individuals. Stress is something effects all people.  The IFF study found that EMG stress response in the shoulder area of participants was significantly reduced when introduced to certain fragrances. They also measured the tests by heart rate, blood pressure, and skin resistance. They discovered that certain relaxing fragrances are able to reduce stress.

Young Living Essential oils have a line of essential oils called “Feelings.” They can inspire feelings of emotional well-being when diffused by a cold diffuser which Young Living also has several models to choose from.


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