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There are many ways to become Rich. The best way is through residual income. I made this page to give you some ways that are possible to make money when you use them for yourself and then share them with others. You might say this aspect came automatically to me when I started in Network Marketing.

Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor 

In a salary type job or an hourly paid job, you put in x amount of hours for a paycheck. Most people do not become financially independent with this type of income.

There are two special keys that the majority of the population do not use all during their lifetime.
These two keys to financial freedom are:
1. Leverage and
2. Residual income.

Benefits of Being a Young Living Independent Distributor

When we sign up as an Independent Distributor with Young Living Essential oils, we do not sign up as simply “oil sellers”. What we do is get a WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP, use the oils in our home to regain and retain our health, and then we SHARE OUR STORIES with others, and along the way we ask others to SHARE THEIR STORIES as well. So, in essence, we become MENTORS AND COACHES to those who desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle with Young Living’s oils, supplements, and personal use and home care products.


– Wholesale prices. We save 24% on all that we purchase, whenever we purchase it.

– One-time membership purchase. No need to renew each year, as we would do in a place like Costco.

– Option to get products every month at a lower shipping price.

– Option to get 10 to 20% back in points on a monthly package which we can change online at any time (change what we get every month, ensuring we get all we need for that month, plus change the date it is shipped, if necessary, and also the place where it will be shipped). Think of it as a “frequent flyer” program; here it’s called Essential Rewards Program.

– Supports wellness.

– Supports a healthy lifestyle regimen

-By becoming a distributor, you are in business for yourself, and as a business owner, it may be possible to have more legal deductions with your taxes. (See your tax professional for details, as I am not a tax lawyer, nor is this intended as legal advice).

– Great retirement plan. Instead of working 40-80 hours a week for at least 40 years of your life and investing in risky stocks and 401(k)s which can crash at any time, and instead of depending on the government’s social security plan (which may or not be there by the time you reach 65), invest a couple hundred dollars every month that will support a healthy lifestyle regimen NOW and in the future, and share your stories with others, inviting them to purchase products from Young Living to support their own healthy lifestyle regimen as well, and then share their stories with others (essentially, duplicating what you do). As we do this, Young Living will send us checks each month, even when we are on vacation, or have been in an accident and can no longer work.

– Spend more time with your family and friends, as well as more personal time, without worrying about how you will pay your bills. You are not simply trading your time for money, instead you are building wealth so that you can be “financially free”, meaning that money will continue to come in as your efforts are leveraged by others you have coached and mentored who are telling their stories and helping others create their own Young Living membership accounts so they can be healthy, and teaching them to “pass it on”.

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These are just a few of the benefits! Ask other independent distributors what benefits they find as well and keep adding to your list. Big Grin Enjoy your “Independent Distributor” membership with Young Living and pass it on so others can enjoy it too.

—> Best of all…. You get to create this lifestyle around your current schedule. No need to get up and quit your job, or take out a loan to start your own business or purchase a franchise. Enjoy the benefits of an independent distributor by signing up as a member online at

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Business Success Testimonies From those That Have A Young Living Distributorship business.



Posted January 11, 2015

Adam Green (Royal Crown Diamond) is the youngest person to reach Royal Crown Diamond (Young Living’s highest rank as an Independent Distributor).

Adam reached Crown Diamond at the age of 25. He’s part of a 30,000 member-strong organization called “The Green Team.” He’s enjoyed the financial benefits of a Young Living business from paying off his house to meeting his wife, Vanessa at a Young Living event.

Adam says the best part of what he does in Young Living is that he has the freedom to control his own life and his own schedule. He says his success isn’t just about himself but is based on helping others achieve and become successful. “The only way you can succeed and earn with Young Living is to help other people with their physical and financial health.”





Marcella Vonn Harting has been sharing Young Living products for more than two decades. Marcella was on a desperate mission to learn as much about health and nutrition as possible because of a significant medical crisis in the life of her daughter, Kortni.

Along the way, she had a chance encounter with Mary Young, Young Living Co-founder, and Executive VP, with whom she developed a friendship. The more she studied about the Young Living products, the more she understood how powerful and effective they could be.

Marcella credits Young Living’s products with dramatic improvements in her daughter’s well-being, so of course, she recommends the products routinely to almost everyone she met. Her habitual sharing, however, had a surprise side effect. The tipping point for her business, she says, was when she received a 1099 form from the company for a six-figure income for the year. “I was sharing the oils with everyone because they made such a difference for us”, she says. “I had no idea I was touching so many people’s lives! The check was a wake-up call for me to the possibilities of an abundant residual income and what making a difference could mean.”

Additional income meant freedom and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Marcella. “My heart’s desire was to buy my parents a new home,” she says. “So, that’s what we did.” Since then, her Young Living income has allowed her to support her family and her favorite charitable organizations. She also was able to purchase a luxury mountain home in Vail, Colo. for her family to enjoy on vacations.

Marcella is now one of the top earners in the company.



Brenda and Scott Schuler- “Thanks to Young Living, it’s family time all the time.” Since 2010, when Scott was able to retire from his chiropractic practice, they have been full-time, hands on parents to their three sons: 9-year-old Wyatt; 8-year-old Garett, and 6-year-old Everett. “We’re both at home to see the kids on the bus in the morning,” Brenda says, “And we get to be there when they come home.”

One of their greatest rewards is having the time and financial means to travel together as a family. Some of their favorite destinations include Costa Rica, Ireland, and Alaska. “We can take a boat out unto the lake whenever we want,” Brenda says.

“We finally have time freedom,” Scott says. “We can choose when we want to work and where we want to work.” The couple also gives back. They purchased a home in Cuba to help out their church with mission work in the country.


Kathy Farmer & her husband Mark McCaskill the line between work and personal time often gets a little blurry. They love what they do- traveling the world to share Young Living and lecture about its benefits. “It’s a passion, and it’s just not work when you’re passionate,” says Kathy, who was a herbalist in private practice before joining Young Living in 1993. “You can’t help but share it. Everyone needs it on some level or another!”

They achieved Royal Crown status. Today they head a growing team that carries them across the United States as well as to global destinations in Russia, South America, and the Middle East. “Young Living has provided an abundant lifestyle that allows us to travel and meet new friends around the world, and provide a legacy that our family is embracing,” Kathy says.


Debra Raybern

After Debra Raybern’s husband died, she was faced with raising their 12-year-old daughter alone. She worked hard to make ends meet, but life was a constant struggle. “My husband’s job was our main source of income and mine was for fun,” she recalls. “I was facing a mountain of debt alone, and we had no life insurance due to my husband’s exposure to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.” After almost three years, she made a change. Debra had been selling Young Living products in her herbal shop and felt it was time to investigate the business opportunity more closely.

In July 2005, Debra started getting busy in the business and by December of that year, she earned the rank of Silver Distributor. She worked hard and consistently and conquered a new rank every year until 2007, and finally reached Diamond by 2010. Today, Debra lives without any financial stress. “I was able to pay off every debt, including my house, and I have purchased a new home, car, and whatever else I want,” she says. Now she has reached the rank of Royal Crown.

Debra loves having the financial means to donate generously to her favorite charities and ministries, but she says giving to family members in need has been the greatest benefit.”


So what is the cost and how do you get started?

As a business builder, you’ll want to get the Premium Starter Kit. This will give you a good amount of oils to experience to become a product of the product. This simply means once you have some great experiences using the oils and diffuser that is included in the kit, you’ll be able to share your own story in how well Young Living essential oils work!

The cost of the Premium Start Kit with the Aria diffuser is $260.00.

Steps to getting started:

Go to and once on that page scroll down to the bottom and click on the link that says TO PURCHASE THIS STARTER KIT, BECOME A YOUNG LIVING MEMBER BY CLICKING HERE.

>>>>>>>When joining enter in Enroller and Sponsor areas this number: 1085586<<<<<<<<<
By Phone
1-800-371-3515 (toll-free Canada & US)
Monday–Saturday: 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. US MT
  1. To qualify for all commissions and bonuses and to experience different products each month you must spend a minimum of 100pv ($100 US) a month as an Essential Rewards Member. So you’ll want to sign up immediately to get on Essential Rewards. (Which by the way you have total control over in changing the order each month and the date you want it ordered each month). You’ll use the back office to start your Essential Rewards. Here’s a video of the benefits of Essential Rewards
  2. Once #1 and #2 are complete message me on facebook and we will work together in building your Young Living Essential Oils Business. Or if you have any questions also please message me or call me. (717-467-5088 USA Eastern Time Zone).

Congratulations on becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor! This is your very first step to fulfilling whatever dreams and goals you have in life! I’m excited to learn what your dreams and goals are and to work with you in making it happen!

Dexter D. Black

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