Prices Going Up Drastically In the Philippines. What To Do?

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August inflation rate in the Philippines is reported to be 6.4%. Compare this to the USA’s current inflation rate of 2.4% and you can get an idea of how much things are going up for the Filipino.

Currently, there are 2.3 Million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) of which many send money “home” to their families to help support them. They are finding that their dollar while still helping their families tremendously, is buying less with the Philippine Peso.

It’s making it extremely hard for those families buying the necessities such as rice, chicken, vegetables, and more.

What hasn’t been highly publicized yet that Young Living Essential Oils will be opening an office in the Philippines in November 2018 giving the people of the Philippines a way to break free from the hard inflation rate and generate more income.

The new strategy:  To become self-employed in becoming a Young Living Business Builder. Because the business model of Young Living is Network Marketing, it will give the person an opportunity to build an ongoing residual income. Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you sell fruits from your farm or garden to make money. You sell a box of fruit and you get paid. To create additional income, you have to sell more boxes of fruit, correct? With Network Marketing, you sell a product for example in April and you get paid. But unlike traditional sales, you keep getting paid month after month for a product you sold in April. How? Through what is called auto-ship. In Young Living, they call it “Essential Rewards.” You yourself will be on such a plan and those that join you in your business builders team will do the same. Everybody is buying a product(s) for their own lives and the lives of their family to benefit from the products that Young Living Essential oils have. Also, repeat orders from Customers will generate residual income. The key to this business is duplication and residual income.

But how to afford it? First, you’ll need to invest in your own business by buying a starter package. My suggestion is any person in the Philippines that is starting out to invest minimum with the Basic Essential Oils Starter Kit which is around $40 US.

Then after you have your own starter kit, you enroll in the Essential Rewards plan where you will receive products of your choice each month shipped directly to you. To qualify for all commissions and bonuses you will need to invest $100 US a month. One way you an afford this type of monthly investment is to ask for help for three months in paying for the essential rewards products ($100 US). This should allow you enough time to get at least 5 people to join your team. Once you have 5 people in your team on the essential rewards plan at a minimum of $100US a month, this will pay for your own Essential Rewards and you can let the person that has been helping you get started that you’ll no longer need their financial help in providing the money for your essential rewards.

This is where the two-tier strategy comes in:

  1. When having other Filipino’s join as business builders that reside in the Philippines, have them invest only in the Basic Essential Oils Starter Kit keeping their startup to a minimum.
  2. When having any other people join you as business builders that live outside the Philippines, have them invest in the Premium Starter Kit w/Desert Mist Diffuser which has a large amount of product that is the most discounted if bought separately giving them a great value for their money. This will allow you to make the most in commissions and bonuses. Currently, the Premium Starter kit sells for $160US wholesale. A $50 bonus plus commission will be paid out to you for each Premium starter kit you sell. But remember the example above? This is NOT a one time sell. This business builder will also need to join the Essential rewards program so they too will qualify for all commissions and bonuses available.  You’ll have the ability to do business through your phone and/or online or in person. Your business is not limited to the Philippines, which will give you the ability to get people outside the Philippines to join you in building their own business. They will be in your downline and you will receive commissions from their sales. (Another name for Network Marketing is Multi-Level Marketing because you are building levels of your own teams that are also building their own teams).  This creates not only financial residual income, but eventually time freedom too as not all income is generated by only your own efforts, but the efforts of the whole team.

See this video for another example:

Crazy Simple Explanation of Young Living Compensation Plan

For Filpino’s wanting to learn more go here: STEP 1 QUALIFYING FOR A YL INCOME 

For anyone else go here: The Young Living Opportunity

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Dexter D Black

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