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According to Frontiers in Nutrition moderate red wine intake (about a glass a day) may actually help keep your brain sharp as you get older. According to the research, it’s due to a microbiome. The bacteria in your gut turn the polyphenols in wine into various compounds. some of these get into your bloodstream and travel to your brain, where they work to keep it healthy according to the study’s authors.







What I find interesting about this study is they mention “polyphenols” in the red wine. The reason I find that interesting is, you don’t have to consume an alcoholic drink to reap the benefits of polyphenols. Young Living’s Ningxia Red has polyphenols and polysaccharides in it from the Wolfberry puree (Lycium barbarum).  A minimum of two ounces a day is the recommended serving size to reap all the benefits of this delicious drink.



Since Ningxia Red is alcohol-free you can drink it anywhere you choose. At work, at play, or at home. The little packets are very handy when you are outside your home. If you have children, packing a packet of Ningxia Red in their lunch is helping to know they will get some good healthy support for their body and brain.


For more information about Ningxia Red and its benefits go to: https://ningxiared.com/the-story



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