Rich You- How To Create Riches In Your Own Life

You can think of yourself Rich in whatever form you like. Being rich means different things to different people. So, if you don’t feel like you’re rich, and you want to be, this blog post will give you insight into how to become rich.

Let’s talk about money, honey! You know that stuff you need to live on this Earth? Someone once said, “Money is right up there in importance with breathing.”
Another quote “If you don’t think money is important, try living without it.” It’s true! Having money is important. I know, I’ve tried living without it (involuntary when I was homeless for about four months). Money is very useful! If you agree, let’s continue:

It doesn’t matter (to me) if you are looking to make a little more money in your life, or a lot. Just be aware that money gives you options that you don’t have without it. Beyond your basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter which this blog post can help you obtain if you don’t have enough of those things yet, there is the usefulness of money to provide other things such as private schooling, tutoring, musical instruction, personal developments and so on. There is owning more than one home. Building an empire of rentals, travel, the best places to stay and eat. There are charitable work and trusts that you can build up and have established way beyond your own lifespan. (Look at what Andrew Carnegie did with his riches. He built non-profit libraries all over the USA that millions still benefit from today).

So how do we get Rich?

Let’s first look at how we don’t get rich:




Trading time for money (i.e a job) does not make 99% of people rich.
Being lazy and unmotivated does not make anyone rich.
Making excuses does not make you rich.
Spending more than you have on non-necessities (no matter how much income you have) does not make you rich.
Trying to make money does not make you rich. (There is already enough money in the world in circulation, there is no need for you to make any more of it).
Stealing from others does not make you rich.
Selling drugs does not make you rich.
Being addicted as in using habitually) to mind alternating drugs or alcohol does not make you rich.
Having an entitlement attitude that the world owes you something, does not and will not make you rich.

What can make you rich: 





Having the correct mind frame can make you rich.
Being determined, followed up with action can make you rich.
Realizing mistakes is a part of becoming rich.
Spending less than your total income on non-necessities can help you become rich.
Creating income streams can make you rich.
Giving to others can make you rich in many ways.
Selling legal things or ideas can make you rich.
Being soberly minded can help you become rich.
Offering to the marketplace something of value can make you rich.
Owning your own business can make you rich.
Investing in assets or other companies (i.e stocks, bonds, etc.) can make you rich
Multiple streams of income can make you very rich.
Creating residual income can make you rich.
Learning from others can make you rich.
Finding a mentor can make you rich.

Each heading on what can make you rich shown above will be dedicated to a blog post of its own. Click on the link to be taken to each one.


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