Selling Legal Things or Ideas and or Services Can Make You Rich

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Selling Legal Things or Ideas Can Make You Rich

Today we are living in the “Information age.” If you are not selling information or things, you are missing the tram!

New things and new ideas are like Country songs, there is always something new to sing about.

I decided on the light bulb for this blog post because Thomas Edison knew how to invent things and put it out on the market to sell. He had hundreds of employees working for him on different inventions and manufacturing his inventions.

This is me in front of Edison Park. This is where Thomas Edison worked at either improving upon an invention that was already being used or creating an entirely new invention to put into the marketplace for profit.

The good news is, with today’s ability for just about anyone to use a computer and get online, you don’t have to be an Edison to become rich in selling things or idea’s for a profit.

At one time in factories (not sure if they do it any longer), you had a clock and a card. You punched the card in to show what time you started work, and when you finished work, you punched the time card out.  This is how your employer knew what hours to pay you for your time working. Edison is the one that invented it. Now, this is curious. Look at the quote that was placed near the time clock.  It reads “There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking.” (Originally by  Joshua Reynolds ) I believe this was intentionally put by this time punch card clock as a hint for the working man. Do you understand what the hint here is to you?


Time Punch Card Clock


Today’s time in most places in the USA is kept track of electronically. Although I noticed as of recent as thirteen years ago, a manufacturer that I worked for, for four hours before realizing that this was a waste of my time, had a time punch card system.

It is much more profitable to think with your brain than get paid for physical labor.  And even more profitable to take your idea’s or products and sell them to the marketplace. What could you improve upon, or invent that hasn’t been yet? The possibilities are endless! Why just this morning, I saw a video of a machine that pulls weeds on a farm with a 95% success rate. The challenge, of course, is not only thinking of an invention but building a prototype, getting it patented, and having enough funds to market it. The other option would be to sell your patient to an investor.

There are other possibilities besides creating something new, and that is to help someone market what has already been created. To name a few:

Affiliate Marketing: Clickbank is a database that has thousands of vendors looking to pay commissions to Affiliates that will agree to market their product(s). To learn more about ClickBank Click Here

Multi-Level Marketing: Create a residual income with a large team of people. There are thousands of companies now that use Multi-level marketing as their platform to sell their products and services. I myself am a huge fan of Young Living Essential Oils. But if that company isn’t to your liking, there are plenty more to choose from.

Ebay: Buy and sell stuff here for a profit. Many people go to Estate sales and the such to buy things at a deep discount and resell them on Ebay. Others will drop ship items from the manufacturer to the end user.  

Flip Domains: Find something or someone that is about to go viral and create the domain and either sell it to someone that will resell it or sell it to the person or entity yourself.

Offering your services around the world on or

Become a Tutor online. Make $15 to $20 an hour if you’re good at Math, History, Science, etc.


Dexter Black inside Edison’s Office









This blog post is by far from exhaustive. But this blog post I believe is a good start to get you on the way to creating income streams that can make you rich.

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