Sneezing Your Head Off

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The World Allergy Organization reports that the prevalence of allergies has risen in industrialized countries over the past 50 years. In 2018 more than 19 million adults in the U.S. were diagnosed with hay fever (also known as allergic rhinitis) according to the CDC. Why? According to some Doctors, it’s because the World is warming up, so that leads to longer allergy seasons.

The truth is Allergists don’t yet know why some people are affected by constant exposure to a potential allergen while others aren’t.

Many articles will say to just take Over The Counter (OTC) medication which can squelch symptoms.

Here are some suggestions other than OTC medications you can incorporate into your life.

  • When going into your home, leave your shoes at the entrance. Besides pollen, you’ll keep your place safe from other substances such as soil and fecal matter out of your place. It will also help keep your carpet cleaner longer.
  • Don’t use manufactured fragrances. Even though fragrance reactions are considered sensitivities that are different from allergies, they can stick in your nasal passages and cause irritation. Look for products with packaging that says 100 percent natural. Or make your own fragrance using 100% pure essential oils. For men, I suggest an essential oil by YL called Valor. For women, you could try the essential oil called Joy essential oil blend. Or put a combination of single oils together and make your own natural scent.
  • Stop using any shampoo and cosmetics that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Also, Sodium lauryl sulfate¬†(SLS), a related detergent used in cosmetics, is a skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant and toxic to aquatic organisms.¬†**
  • Use unscented soap and shampoo.
  • Build up your immune system with healthy eating and supplements. I enjoy drinking two ounces of Ningxia Red each morning to help fortify my body.
  • Change your air conditioner filters every 6 months.
  • Keep your home windows closed if you live in a polluted city but when the wind blows it all out, open your windows up and let some fresh air in, and inside pollution out.
  • When you arrive home, take a shower and change clothes.

I hope these tips help you overcome sneezing your head off. While I am not a Doctor and this is not any type of medical advice, I have shared with you the practices I live by daily in my own life and it has benefited me.


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