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A Good Nights Sleep. Here’s your personal arsenal.

While I can’t guarantee these things will put you to sleep (what product really can?) I can say these products by YL should help support you in a good nights sleep.

Here are some more tips for getting a good nights sleep.

  • Stick to a schedule of going to bed.
  • Exercise daily
  • Open the drapes during the day to let in natural sunlight and close them at night to make your room as dark as possible
  • Keep your room cool at night (but not where you are shivering).
  • Limit Caffeine as its effects can last 10-12 hours after drinking it.
  • Finishing eating 3 hours before going to bed to give your stomach time to digest or if you feel too hungry by doing this, then eat something light, like a banana or a half a turkey sandwich.
  • Take a warm shower or bath before going to bed to help your body relax.
  • Pray (including giving thanks) before sleeping.
  • Breathe deep through your nose, hold and slowly release the air through your mouth to relax.
  • Practice relaxation techniques. Starting from your shoulders, tense them, hold, and then release. Do the same with your arms, hands, stomach, legs, and toes.

Following these tips and using Young Living essential oils and SleepEssence will help support you in getting a good nights sleep.

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