Step 1 Qualifying for a YL Income

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The Vision: To build a team of Filipino people consisting of thousands upon thousands in the Philippines and throughout the world working for themselves in through Young Living Essential Oils in building their own business.

Many years ago, I believe God gave me a vision for single moms in the Philippines to help them. The vision included building a large fund that will be able to generate funds for generations to come. Along with this is to buy a farm and build duplex’s and  some 4-plexes, which some will be rentals and others single mothers and their children can live in while working the farm. One section of the farm will be for coconut trees while the other sections will be for various produce that will be sold at market for a profit to create a self sustaining farm helping these mothers and their families.

Quite honestly I didn’t really know how this vision was going to come about, but I figured if God gave it to me, it was for a purpose; and that HE would show me how and make a way where there seemed no way, until recently…

I have worked my own Independent Young Living business for quite a few years now as an independent business builder and I’ve seen the Company spread out in my Countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, and many others. Recently Young Living just opened business in China and right after that they announced the thing that I’ve been hoping and praying for, for a very long time. Officially we will have an office in the Philippines November 9th, 2018! What does that mean? It means at long last the Filipino people now have a door of opportunity that they didn’t have before. An opportunity to build their own business to create an income that could substantially increase their lifestyle.

What is Young Living Essential Oils and an Essential Oil Business? CLICK HERE


So who qualifies for an Young Living business builder and what is required to maintain such a business?

  1. You Must be 18 years old or older.
  2. You Must own a cell phone/Home phone or a computer that has internet access.
  3. You Must have your own checking account or credit card/debit card
  4. Must be teachable and willing to work hard to build a business of your own part time.
  5. An initial investment of apx $50 US for the Basic Stater Kit.
  6. An on going product investment to qualify for all income bonuses of $100US a month. (This $100 will be to buy your own products through the Essential Rewards program for you and your families own use). This is known by “Being a product of the product.”

Q. How much money can I earn in a Young Living Essential Oil business?

A.  Each result is different depending on your own efforts and skills. See the Disclosure page to get an idea of the average income that people in Young Living are making.

Q. When should I quit my current job to go full time as a YL Business Builder?

A. We encourage everybody that is starting a YL business, to start part time keeping their current employment and working their way out of a job if they so wish. Many professional Network Marketers suggest not to quit your job until you consistently make at least twice as much as you do on your full time job.

Q. Is this a job?

A. No, this is a business opportunity to create an income with no income ceiling and you can do it part time. See Disclosure page for more information.

Q. How long has Young Living Essential Oils been in business for?

A. Young Living Essential oils was founded in 1993.

Q.What Countries is Young Living currently in?



Q. This seems like it is for me. What do I do next?

A. Go to Step #2





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