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Barefooten Into Chemicals And Not Even Knowing it?

Did you know that anything that absorbs into your skin is within your bloodstream in 26 seconds? Crazy to ponder huh? Let me ask you something: Do you walk around barefoot in your house? Do your kids? Do you have … Continue reading

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Thieves Household Cleaner: 3 Uses for 1 Product

    This video only shows 3 uses of Thieves Household Cleaner. There are plenty more, but at least it gives a good idea who versatile Thieves Household Cleaner is. It’s extremely affordable, smells great (like Clove oil) and it can be shipped … Continue reading

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Can 126 Million Japanese Be Wrong?

Japanese take their shoes off before entering a home. It might be a habit you want to start also. Why? University of Houston researchers who swabbed the shoe soles of over 60 pairs found that 40% contained C. difficile, a … Continue reading

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What? Essential Oils For Animals too?

A lot of people don’t know this, but essential oils are not just for people. They can be used for your animal too! Dogs, Cats, even horses can benefit from Young Living’s Essential oils and oil infused products.     … Continue reading

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Using Lemon Essential Oil to Clean Your Kitchen

Lemon Essential oil from Young Living can be used for so many things. Cleaning is one of them! Microwave: Added a couple of drops of YL Essential oil (EO) into a 1/2 cup of water and microwave it for about 3 … Continue reading

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