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Vitamin D is U.K’s Top Single Vitamin Supplement

Britain’s favorite single letter vitamin supplement is vitamin D which has risen 7 percentage points in the last year and is now used by 33% of vitamin, mineral, and supplement (VMS). Users are up from 26% in 2017 according to … Continue reading

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Vitamin D May Improve Memory: But Too Much Can Have a Negative Effect

A Rutgers University study found that overweight and obese older women who took more than three times the recommended daily dose of vitamin D showed improvements in memory and learning. BUT it also slowed their reaction times (when taking 2,000 … Continue reading

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Reduce Your Chances of Getting Cancer

Reduce Your Chances of Getting Cancer There is a 22% reduction in cancer risk in people with the highest levels of Vitamin D versus those with the lowest according to a new long-term┬ástudy in BMJ. Unfortuntually 42% of Americans are … Continue reading

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