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Quality of The EO Bottle

Are you still lost and wondering what an essential oil is? Check out this blog post that explains just that. Here is YL’s Website. With so many choices of essential oils and essential oil-infused products, where do you start? The best deal … Continue reading

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Peace and Calming Essential Oil

There’s a wonderful essential oil that people have used not only on themselves but on their children too. It’s called Peace & Calming Essential oil. It’s produced by Young Living Essential oils, the leader in the highest quality essential oils … Continue reading

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Feeling Down? High Quality Essential Oils For Emotions

YL Essential Oils offers a package for emotional well being called the Feelings Kit. There are several ways you can use these oils for emotions. You or someone you love deserve to feel emotionally healthy. With different aspects of health, … Continue reading

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Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop (Diffuser)

Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop (Diffuser) The Premium Starter Kit has quite a few Essential Oils in it and I’m going to go through each oil and give some tips on how to use each oil. Lavender Essential Oil From … Continue reading

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A Short, Simple, and Inspiring Video That Could Change Your Whole Life

Gary Young isn’t a Musher. Yet he took on this challenge to see what he’s made of, not for others, but for himself. What if you had the same perception for your own life?     When ordering or to … Continue reading

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Whose Life Will You Change Today? The Story of Connie and Michael McDaniels

You can not only change your own life, but help be a huge influence in other people’s lives also through Young Living Essential Oils.     To Learn about the Young Living Opportunity Click Here   Questions? If I invited you … Continue reading

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Vitality Tea Set Gift From YL Essential Oils

Vitality Tea Gift Set. Just in time for the cold winter months ahead! A stainless steel travel mug with Cinnamon Bark Vitality, 5 ml Clove Vitality, 5 ml Lemon Vitality, 5 ml Double-Wall Travel Tumbler Recipe Card  Learn more here: … Continue reading

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How To Be Successful In Anything You Choose To Do! -Know Your Why

I’ve been studying successful people for quite a few years now, and one of the vital keys I see to their success if that each of them knows their “why”. Why they do what they do. I was watching a … Continue reading

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Oils For Emotions

This is overlooked a lot when it comes to the use of Essential oils, which is using them for how you feel. That’s right, scents can have an impact on your emotions. Have you ever been walking along and you … Continue reading

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Is Your Skin Breaking Out From The Stuff You’re Putting On It?

Foundation, rouge, eyeliner, lip gloss, lipstick, skin conditioner, and the countless other things you put on in the morning to look good may be an issue with your skin. Most over the counter products are made from synthetic chemicals that … Continue reading

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