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“The trio Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint are always helpful during springtime season for my son, and my aunt and friend reported the same thing a couple of years ago to me.” – Mirdza Hayden

“Peace and Calming Essential Oil was very helpful for my daughter when she would get irritated. She would calm down within minutes of applying a drop on the bottom of her feet. This oil has also been very helpful for my son’s teenage friend who is dealing with stress. He says that he has been able to sleep better at night now that he is calmer during the day when he applies a couple drops on his chest and the back of his neck. ” -Mirdza Hayden


“While living off a job, my wife and I have used our Young Living income to put into investments, and has enabled us to buy four single-family home investment rental properties.” – Andrew Roise  Gold Leadership Support Independent Distributor



“I’ve noticed an increase in energy after drinking Ningxia Red (2 oz a day) for a month every day. Even my wife noticed I have more energy. ” – Dexter Black

Sharnael Wolverton She went through a divorce and she was in ministry and her ministry fell apart and she was living in her mother’s house on the living room couch. She has been able to pay off her bills and get out of debt. Not only was she able to build a house she was able to pay off the house she had built. She won the first car from Young Living by making it to Diamond in 18 months. At that time the record was around 6 years. She won the first car which was a Mercedes. She had been giving all along, and giving one used car every year to someone. Since she’s been in Young Living which has been 7 years, she’s bought a new car every year for 7 years in a row to give to somebody. What she wants to do is give away a house. “Young Living is an avenue where you can do this. We are not in Young Living just to make money and buy all kinds of things for ourselves, we’re here to give back.” – Sharnael Wolverton


“I love to diffuse Young Living Essential Oils in my daycare center.” – Yvonne Osinga-Bisk


“I love the Ningxia Red drink. My daughters have been much healthier since they started using Young Living’s oils and supplements. My husband is very impressed.” – Elaine Feliciano


“Since joining Young Living I have had the healthiest two years of my life… Would not go back to relying on pharmaceuticals for anything. My inhalers? Gone. Albuterol for nebulizer? Gone. My nasal sprays? Gone! I thank God for Young Living Essential Oils!” -Kimberly Ingrham


“We love our life. Everything we do I love it. I cannot imagine a life without the oils anymore.” – Vijay & Ulrike Churfürst-Hanzal
Royal Crown Diamonds in Europe




Today, we have over 1,600 people in our organization and our hearts feel good knowing that others are living happier, healthier lives because of our outreach.” – Benjamin Perkus, Young Living Platinum Member


I have discovered that there is no limit to what one can achieve with Yong Living, Success comes from helping others be successful.” – Kathy Farmer, Young Living Royal Crown Diamond Member


“If you want to be energized, fortified, and replenished with abundance, you need to start living with NingXia Red. ” – Emmanuel Redding, Young Living Silver Member


20 years ago, I used my first essential oil. Lavender. I just wanted to clear up a pimple. (or 2 or 15 because my face was a HOT MESS) The wife of one of the guy’s I worked with loved this ‘new thing’ called essential oils that she was using for her face. I maintained that Pro-Active was the way to go. So, I continued to bleach my face with chemicals and toxins (of course, I didn’t know any better. I was 20. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

18 years ago, I became a member for the first time (yes, for the “first time”) because I needed just 1 bottle of lavender to have at my wedding because again, my face was still a hot mess and that wife who first talked to me, well her face wasn’t a hot mess. At that time, you could enroll with a basic membership and you got… a bottle of lavender. So, that’s what I did. ( I was 22 now and still stubborn)

17 years ago, I went inactive because I was WAYYYY too overwhelmed by all the information my then sponsor gave me and had NO idea where to start (fb didn’t exist way back then as Mark Zuckerberg was still in diapers 😂) ((I was 23 and still too stubborn to ask for help. So, back to proactive it was)

16 years ago, I reactivated under the first person that ever spoke to me about oils. Her face looked amazing. Mine, was still a hot mess. (seriously, I needed all kinds of help)
Not 20 and dumb anymore, I listened to her. Turns out, she really knew her stuff! I used the oils “recreationally” and did my obligatory annual order. Sometimes, even a few times x year I would order.
I still thought NingXia red was a men’s cologne at this point.

14 years ago I got pregnant and once again, hit hot mess city. I couldn’t poop, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, it was AWFUL. I reached out to my sponsor and she put me on an enzyme protocol and probiotics and oils and OH….MY…..GAWD…. what have I gotten into?

13 years ago I had my first child. A daughter, Paige. And every. single. thing. in my life changed. Suddenly, EVERY.THING mattered. What I used, what I ate, what I cleaned with… everything mattered. I knew the first time I held her that I had this gorgeous opportunity to “do it right” and I wasn’t about to disappoint myself.
My journey into a Chemical Free Lifestyle was snowballing “into” control and I loved every single second of it.

8 years ago, broke, scared, burnt out…. I knew I had to make a change in my career and I had 3 options: Continue doing daycare, go into professional cake decorating or…. give this “MLM” thing a try.
So… I called my sponsor in YL, you know… the one with awesome skin who helped me survive pregnancy and work towards restoring my face…. and told her “I want in”
Star Moree thank you, for not giving up on me 🤗
I had 12 people in my team at the time.
The population of my town, was 76.

7 years ago I wrote my first book: The Chemical Free Home where I shared the recipes for crafting your own house keeping and body products using essential oils and common pantry items. It was a black and white self published book and I was thru the roof when it sold 500 copies that year. (It was ridiculously non compliant. If you have a copy, please burn it. Burn it to the ground, say a prayer and dance around it)
I had 259 people in my team.
The population of my town, was 76.

7 years ago, I met Gary Young for the first time on one of his farms in Idaho and helped harvest a plant called…. “Melissa” … I fell into a puddle of tears while he so eloquently described this plant and that it “restores hope to those who think that all is lost…” and, I lost it. Because I was still mourning the sudden death of my dad. Everything once again, changed for me on that farm and I knew that this, would be the beginning of the rest of my life.. I just didn’t know what that meant yet….

5 years ago I went to a weekend event and learned the entire skin care line, learned what my skin was telling me and FINALLY figured out my hot mess and finally, got my complexion under control. And I did it naturally. So, bonus points for THAT! I just hadn’t figured out makeup yet because everything was still so freaking toxic.
I had 1,561 people in my team.
The population of my town, was 76.

4 years ago, my team was rocking it, I was rocking it, everything clicked and fell into place and my husband was able to retire a 16 year profession as a diesel mechanic and go to work with his family in the family business Pep’s Pork on the farm he grew up on.
I had 8,417 people in my team.
The population of my town was, 76.

3 years ago, I took a leap of faith with incredible people that crossed my path and designed my own line of cosmetics. Finally, I had the complexion I wanted, the makeup I wanted and life… was amazing. Like ridiculously amazing.
I had 16,909 people in my team.
The population of my town, was 76.

2 years ago, I took a leap of faith with an incredible company that I first learned about 20 years ago and met the owner of 7 years ago and sold…my cosmetics company to them with my heart full knowing this incredible line of makeup would now benefit and bless the lives of millions.
I had 16,704 people in my team.
The population of my town, was 76.

Last year, I redesigned my books, wrote a few new ones. (which by the way are now fully compliant so dance around them, bless them, love them, use them, share them 😂) and have sold just over, half of a million copies of them. I reached the top rank in Young Living and achieved Royal Crown Diamond. I launched a coaching program. I recommitted to my dreams and my goals of serving others. I continue to renew my passion every single day to help others achieve incredible FREEDOM in their lives, amazing VITALITY in their health and ABUNDANCE in their own economy.

All because 20 years ago, I was curious about lavender.
All because of Gary.
All because of Faith.
All because of purpose.
All because of family.
All because of, you.

Today, I have 19,601 people in team.
And the population of my town….. 84.

Feel free to join the movement, I always have room at the table for you to shine, chica SHINE.

MP 💋.