Rich & Healthy Testimonials

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“The trio Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint are always helpful during springtime season for my son, and my aunt and friend reported the same thing a couple of years ago to me.” – Mirdza Hayden

“Peace and Calming Essential Oil was very helpful for my daughter when she would get irritated. She would calm down within minutes of applying a drop on the bottom of her feet. This oil has also been very helpful for my son’s teenage friend who is dealing with stress. He says that he has been able to sleep better at night now that he is calmer during the day when he applies a couple drops on his chest and the back of his neck. “ -Mirdza Hayden

“While living off a job, my wife and I have used our Young Living income to put into investments, and has enabled us to buy four single-family home investment rental properties.” – Andrew Roise  Gold Leadership Support Independent Distributor

“I’ve noticed an increase in energy after drinking Ningxia Red (2 oz a day) for a month every day. Even my wife noticed I have more energy. ” – Dexter Black

Sharnael Wolverton She went through a divorce and she was in ministry and her ministry fell apart and she was living in her mother’s house on the living room couch. She has been able to pay off her bills and get out of debt. Not only was she able to build a house she was able to pay off the house she had built. She won the first car from Young Living by making it to Diamond in 18 months. At that time the record was around 6 years. She won the first car which was a Mercedes. She had been giving all along, and giving one used car every year to someone. Since she’s been in Young Living which has been 7 years, she’s bought a new car every year for 7 years in a row to give to somebody. What she wants to do is give away a house. “Young Living is an avenue where you can do this. We are not in Young Living just to make money and buy all kinds of things for ourselves, we’re here to give back.” – Sharnael Wolverton


“I love to diffuse Young Living Essential Oils in my daycare center.” – Yvonne Osinga-Bisk


“I love the Ningxia Red drink. My daughters have been much healthier since they started using Young Living’s oils and supplements. My husband is very impressed.” – Elaine Feliciano