The Average Woman Puts 515 Synthetic Chemicals On Her Body Every Day Without Knowing

The Average Woman Puts 515 Synthetic Chemicals On Her Body Every Day Without Knowing. By  Michelle Persad of the Huff Post

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

I believe very few women would put on their bodies up to 515 chemicals if they knew that’s what was happening each day. Please click on the link below to inform yourself of the harmful toxins you may be exposing yourself to each day of your life and then after reading the article, look below for the solution.

Today, we see a trend towards natural, although there are plenty of toxic chemical products on the market today, and as you have seen from the article, most are in the U.S.A. We Americans must take our health into our own hands because the FDA sure doesn’t seem like they are doing a good enough job in protecting us against these products.

Young Living Essential Oils has been providing toxic free natural products and essential oils for over twenty years now, and are adding much more to their product line up yearly. Last year they reached the Billion dollar mark which shows the increased popularity of alternative products that are safe to use.

From toxic-free household cleaners to cosmetics they have you covered. Recently they even came out with a Baby line of products called Seedlings.

Young Living is a company you can trust with their Seed to Seal guarantee. You simply won’t find a better company to provide all your living needs to help keep your family happy and healthy.


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